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Sarcasticity and Smartassitude

sarcasm [n]:
1. A cutting, often ironic remark intended to wound.
2. A form of wit that is marked by the use of sarcastic language and is intended to make its victim the butt of contempt or ridicule.

smartass [n]:
1. a wise guy; know-it-all.

1. possessing a sense of humor utilizing both sarcasm and smartassedness, thus making one’s self that much more attractive to I-66.

There are few quicker ways for a new girl to win me over than by showing that she has the proper sense of humor. I don’t mean just laughing at my jokes and funny lines, but throwing some in herself. If she can spell smart “S-M-R-T” or knows what to do with those “15 bucks, little man” that’s awesome, but I’ll tell you what sort of humor really gets her over.


The right combination of being sarcastic and a smartass. Being able to take and dish the barbs all the same, and knowing that nothing is really meant by them. It’s not necessarily the way straight to my heart, but it certainly is a start.

Stuck in the middle now I’m paral-iced
PARAL-ICE-ATION [noun]: The state of being unable to think or act rationally at the slightest sight of snow, often characterized by going to supermarkets and buying enough food to feed a small country in expectation of being snowed in for days when only a couple of inches of snow is expected, and driving too fast or too close to other cars once the precipitation begins.

Uses: We’re in a state of paral-ice-ation at the hands of Bob Ryan’s forecast of coming snow… The DC Metro area was paral-iced by the news that a half an inch of snow was coming.

Daily planner optional
As “emphasize” is to add emphasis to…

ORGAN-IZE [verb]: To add one’s organ to. “I’d organize her”

This is why I chuckle whenever I am the maker of an evite and it lists me as “The Organizer”.

Sounds Russian…
Yesterday dear EJ wanted to kick a lot of people. I can’t blame her, actually. I want to kick people all the time, and often get to do so “accidentally” on the soccer field. I commented that she probably wanted to kick Jennifer Love Hewitt too (earlier blog reference) and the word ver I got for that was EJ’s definition, going in the I-66ionary:

ejbvnv: to blog about one’s crappy mood thereby elevating one’s spirits.”

Who needs theories?
HYPATHETICAL [adj]: a play on the word “hypothetical”, used to describe the far-fetched reasons (that are often perceived as tongue-in-cheek) that an individual comes up with for why so-and-so didn’t call, or why so-and-so keeps canceling plans, etc. so as to keep their slim/fading hopes alive.

The jeooce is loose
JEOOCI (jee-oo-see) [adj]: awesome, wonderful, great, beautiful, etc.

Origin: Word verification sounded out by yours truly. Took the ball and ran with it.

Recommended use: not “so-and-so is jeooci” but delivered smoothly with emphasis on the oo.

Situational examples: when finding money on the ground, when seeing a good looking guy/gal walking down the street, when work closes because of snow.

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  1. put that shit in my hand
    and if that money doesn’t flow
    then you owe me owe me oh
    ohhhhhhh oh
    my jungle loooove

    sorry, doll. i’m taken. but we can still rap.
    snoochie boochies!

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