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When my son Logan was 10 months old, he suffered his first ear infection. A common ailment, I know, but it still took me a little by surprise. My wonderfully healthy, not in day-care, breast-fed boy with an ear infection? But it was true and our family doctor promptly prescribed a treatment. herbal drugs But wait...this was no antibiotic. He handed me a small bottle labeled "Mulein Garlic." Hmmm... Now, I'm as open as the next person to herbal drugs, but did I truly believe in them? I guess not. I had personally experimented with ginseng and echinacea with mild success, but when it came down to something serious like my baby's ear infection, I just wasn't fully on board. But I was willing to give it a try. I placed three drops of the smelly garlic oil in my son's ear, three times a day. Within 48 hours, he was a different person. He looked completely healthy again. He slept through the night. And he was no longer cranky, which indicated to me that the pain had subsided. The experience made me a believer. I now keep those garlic drops on hand, along with several other herbal drugs suggested by our doctor to treat common ailments such as pink eye (Rue Fennel cleared it up overnight) and soothe teething pain (chamomilla pellets which Logan loves for their sweet taste). While treating illness with herbs may not be the norm just yet, there are several ways we, as parents, can avoid exposing our children to antibiotics. Ask your doctor. And if he or she isn't yet a believer, get a second opinion from a doctor who understands every side of the debate. Viagra Alternative has become extremely popular for the medication of sexual enhancement, erectile dysfunction. Natural sildenafil citrate is effective in dilating blood vessels

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