Things I did instead of watching the Oscars

While many of you were absorbed in the Oscars, I searched out more interesting pursuits. You see, for me the only thing less interesting than the Grammys are the Oscars, so last night pretty much anything else would have done the trick. So, in no particular order, what did I do?
- Watch college basketball
- Watch NBA basketball
- Eat [...]

Happy Hour Rewind

So yes, I went to the happy hour on Friday night. There were a few new faces, and many familiar ones. Here’s what I can tell you:
- When you have a hunch that people will be gathering out by the heat lamps, it’s a good idea to follow that hunch.
- It probably would have been better for [...]

Multiple Choice Monday

That sound you hear is…
A) a pin dropping, since hardly anyone is at work today.
B) I-66 going insane because he is at work today.
C) the trigger being pulled as Jack Bauer kills you.
D) all of the above.

Valentine’s Day flashback

I didn’t have the time nor the forethought to create Bloggentines this year. With 7 hours left to go in Valentine’s Day 2009, there’s still time for you to give your blog crush a Bloggentine from years past. Enjoy.

Deliver me from this delivery

Something terrible has slowly begun taking over food delivery at my building. Lately pizza and chinese food delivery people have arrived at the building, stood on the outside or in the lobby, and called me to ask me to come down to the lobby to meet them.
Excuse me?
I order delivery so I don’t have to [...]

Snow din

I don’t mean to get anybody’s hopes up, but I’m a little excited about the winter storm watch that’s been issued for the DC area from Tuesday evening through Wednesday morning. As a professed lover of snow, I’ve just been waiting to see the stuff in any sort of volume beyond a flurry. Do I [...]

Comcast update

After completing Saturday night’s post about the Comcast debacle, I ended up taking much of that which might be perceived as hyperbole out of it and sending it to Comcast as a summary of events. Yesterday I got a phone call from a Comcast rep. He apologized for what happened, made sure all was well [...]


Today I am not one of the lucky ones. I am not among the masses walking toward the Capitol. I’m not sitting at home on my couch, observing on TV. I am in front of a computer. I am at work.
To be fair, had I the day off I would not be walking down [...]

Would you like some cheese to go with that?

While the puppy was being transfixed by the kangaroos on Planet Earth in HD, I was having a look around the intertubes and noticing a prevailing theme on places like gchat, Twitter, and the MyFace, and it went a little something like this:
“Going back to work on Monday is going to suck after being off [...]


It’s New Year’s Eve, and my hunch is that you’ll be able to hear a pin drop in the blogosphere today. After all, what sucker has to work today and Friday? I mean, that’s a ridiculous thought, that someone would only have New Year’s Day off.
Uh, I-66, I believe that would be you.
Oh. Yeah.
So, as [...]