24 recap: The end?

Alright, I’m obviously a big fan of the show, but last night… ehhhh, it left a little to be desired.


Really? A cliffhanger ending? Renee in the FBI interrogation room alone with Wilson, and Kim Bauer ordering the stem cell treatment for her Jack, now in an induced coma? Meh.

From the predictable yet absolutely sensible department, Olivia is going up for the murder of Jonas Hodges. I never thought for a moment that the President was going to come to any other conclusion, even after Henry was trying to put his foot down. Olivia was always going to be held accountable eventually. Last night when she was trying to play everything off as if all was well, I couldn’t tell whether Olivia was bad at it, or whether Sprague Grayden (the actress) was bad at it. Either way, it was difficult to watch and I’m glad to see that she’ll be going away.

So Tony’s alive, cuffed and taken away after being shot in the shoulder by Lady Jack and shot in the wrist by a shaky Jack. Tony was on both sides all the while? I suppose it’s believable if his only driving force was revenge for Michelle Dessler’s murder. Still, Tony as some sort of double double double agent was more than a little confusing, and now it feels like he was just the excuse for a lot of things to happen that they couldn’t explain otherwise.

Lady Jack appeared to be ending her career, leaving her badge to go in alone with Wilson in the interrogation room. I’m not sure I understand why she needed to turn it in to do that, as she had done a number of other illegal things in the season, unless she planned to kill him, in which case I could fully understand it. Then again, that isn’t her M.O., even under Jack’s expert tutelage.

Speaking of Jack, he and Lady Jack had a little moment there, didn’t they? He was all “you don’t have to say anything” and put his hand on her cheek. There they were, alone and in silence, until the paramedic dude came back in and interrupted proceedings. Then Jack gets wheeled away to the hospital and eventually is put into a coma, presumably to die, before Kim shows up to try to save him. And that’s where the season ends, her sitting there saying she isn’t ready to let Jack go yet.

So now we have a problem. The day is over, but the season is not. Lady Jack is alone with Wilson, and Jack is barely alive with a small chance for a cure. We have to find out what happens, but we can’t unless one of two things happen: 1) The next day of 24 picks up where we left off, which is a ridiculous idea because it would essentially be 48 straight hours of 24, and even the most ardent supporters of the show would have a problem believing that a) two straight days of crazy shit could happen, and b) Nobody slept for 48 straight hours. 2) There’s another 24 mini-movie, like the one we got that bridged the gap between last season and this one with Jack in Sangala. I believe this to be the most likely scenario. All that not withstanding, it was a good season of 24, but it started out much better than it finished. I’m excited to see how they’re going to wrap up the season, whatever way they choose to do it.

24 recap - The end?

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  1. I was hooked on 24 for the first few seasons – I watched 1-4 on DVD and thankfully was free from the seven day wait for the next episode. I thought it had jumped the shark a bit after that but gave this season a chance after I learned that I could watch it on Hulu and on my own schedule.

    I was not overly impressed with this season and the increasing amount of suspension of disbelief required to enjoy it, but this ending really sucked. Like, it sucked more than evangelical school girls trying to preserve “technical” virginity. I was sufficiently unclear about the finality of the episode that I went to double check whether in fact this was the finale. Then I was even more disappointed.

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