24 precap: Finale!

Wait, what? Precap? Of course. It’s the season finale, and there are a number of storylines that need to be wrapped up. Here are five in no particular order. And if for some strange reason you’re not caught up on your DVRs, you should both be ashamed and turn away.

1) The Cure
That Kim Bauer has resurfaced, still at the airport with a delayed flight and now in danger, makes the odds of her being the source of the cure all the more likely. I have maintained that Tony could know the cure and give it to Jack before Jack kills him, but as of this moment I’d say that those odds are very long.

2) Tony and Jack
There still is no doubt in my mind that Jack is going to kill Tony for his betrayal, both of his country and of Jack’s trust. No way does Tony actually live through the finale.

3) Olivia
We saw in the preview that the President has gotten wind of Olivia’s little indiscretions, so we know she’s going to deal with her. Will her motherly impulses prevent Olivia from going to jail, or will Olivia having betrayed her trust (and, yanno, having been responsible for someone being killed) allow her to step aside and let whatever fate awaits her occur? I’m wagering on the latter.

4) Jack and Lady Jack
They’ve got to make out at some point, right? Come on.

5) “The Group” or whatever the hell it’s called
The show has only made a big deal out of one guy, Wilson, the dude that Tony’s girl Cara has been calling whenever something happens. Cara probably gives him up, but I can’t imagine there’s time enough to get all the other people in the group.

24 precap - Finale!

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  1. Surely, this is the year Jack dies…

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