Mac Cult serves itself

Ladies and gentlemen, I would like to take this opportunity to present to you proof that not even Apple itself thinks that the Mac can win the Mac vs. PC war. Have a look.

On the surface, it looks like the PC is experiencing trouble more than 140 years into the future. Clothes have changed, and we now utilize some bizarre hand gesture greeting, but PCs are still the same, right? Still evidently full of errors and not nearly as cool as the Mac.

But wait… in the year 2150, these commercials are evidently still showing on television. These commercials, geared toward the gullible idiot consumer, are still required to win over the public more than 140 years from now. The Mac, supposedly so much awesomer than the PC, is still trying to convince us of its awesomeness 141 years down the road. I guess it isn’t so awesome after all.

Take that, Mac Cult.

Mac Cult serves itself

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  1. oh SNAP.

    I still love my Mac. I don’t care what you say.

  2. I am a PC guy from way back (I got my first PC before many a blogger was born.) However, if Mac ever could make their machines affordable, they just might take the lead in the market.

  3. Apple doesn’t get that people actually like the PC guy better in these commercials.

  4. It’s because Apple never though to cut off the budget to the marketing department and all their PR guys liked the Apple/PC account.

    However, PC = Win!

    Although the Mac guy is cooler. Even though I want to punch him in the face.

    (I do want an iPhone though … because I’m a tool).

    • I love my iPhone! Only complaint is I miss the red blinky blink when you get a message and the battery life’s not as good as a Blackberry. But overall, I’ve learned to deal and love it.

  5. This may sound bad, but I feel like every cent I’ve spent on my Mac has gone further than any PC I’ve had. PCs I’ve had (can’t even think of all of the brands – most recently Dell, definitely a couple of IBMs…) had problem after problem… They’d start displaying error messages. Crashing. Granted, I have lots of VERY large photo files which got downloaded, deleted, repeat often. But I defragmented… But it didn’t matter. And on a Mac? Not a problem because defragmenting? Yeah. It’s built to do that on its own.

    I know some people think it’s too pricey. Too much of a change. But all I know is the important thing, which is my Mac laptop hasn’t given me any grief since I got ‘er, gosh, almost 2 years ago. Can’t say that for ANY PC…

  6. I use a PC and a Mac and have an iPhone. I am sick of their smug, smarmy ads.

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