Dirty little secret

These days, communication is becoming more and more electronic. Texts, emails, Facebook wall posts, and Twitter tweets have taken over as acceptable forms of communication for virtually everything. Well, I’m about to let you in on a little secret…

I actually like talking on the phone.

Go ahead. Gasp. I’ll wait while you return to breathing normally.

Now, I should add that I have an unlimited everything plan, and I utilize the texting aspect of that rather liberally. Not only do some people have a serious disinclination to conversation, sometimes things just don’t require a telephone call. That said, there are some people, some topics, or some sorts of conversation that would be better dealt with over the phone.

Breaking things off with someone? Pick up the phone.

Sending paragraphs as text messages back and forth repeatedly? Pick up the phone.

Important news like you’re pregnant or engaged? Mass text or email to the second tier, pick up the phone and call the first.

Just because you have the option to communicate completely electronically, doesn’t mean that you absolutely must. Every now and again it can be good to hear a live voice on the other end of the phone, regardless of whether it’s someone you like, love, or lust. Try it. You might actually like it.

Dirty little secret

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  1. Please only call me if you are stuck in a well.

  2. I wish I got phone reception on the subway. Then I’d be super pro-phone. I’m just never accessible via phone. Sucks.

  3. Something that baffles me about texting and “Twittering,” is that it almost feels like two steps back. When we all got on the internet…way back when…message boards (remember them) were hot, yet they never held much interest for me in communicating because of that lag time. When instant messaging and chat rooms came along, I used that a lot, and the telephone, as an immediate response communicator. The big issue for me, in the computer viz phone, was “humor,” or teasing would go could awry, because those indicators…eye contact…voice intonation…were missing. Then IM’s and chat rooms more or less died off (although I still use im a lot,) and it was all about being hip and texting….and that lag again. Sure it can be seconds…but it’s still lag. I have a long overdue list of people to call and just catch up on news, and I intend to start that today. LONG overdue.

  4. I have a friend who sends like 40 texts in a row. I went with her over the holidays to get her new phone and she asked: “Can you text a book or does it cut you off?” I wanted to strangle her. NO ONE should be texting a book. Damn it. Pick up the phone!!!

  5. Remember when you were a kid how exciting it was to get a letter in the mail?

    Now, you can get like, 100 letters a day! Although most of them think your penis is too small.

  6. I agree with everything you said except one thing: if breaking things off with someone, do it in person!

    Except if you’ve only been seeing them a short time. Then by all means, do it over the phone and don’t waste another evening on them!

  7. I would probably text more if I could master the skill, but so far it’s sloooooow going. Always swear up and down that I hate the phone, but I’m realizing I may be full of shit on that point. ‘Cause all my (voluntary) calls last, like, an hour.

  8. There are definitely scenarios that call for vocal contact.

    Just, um, call twice if it’s important… I don’t usually pick up the first time…


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