24 recap: Four More

I’m back in DC and still sorta getting my feet back under me after a whirlwind weekend in New York City. I did manage to watch 24 last night, but haven’t the energy to do a full run-through but…


…I won’t leave you with nothing.

1) With Kim Bauer presumably having gone back to LA, the cure for Jack has got to come from somewhere. At this point there are really only three options that I consider viable: a) Kim has not actually gone back to LA and will return to the FBI. b) They’re going to come up with a miracle cure. c) Tony knows what the cure is, and before Jack kills him he repentently tells Jack what it is.

That final one is, so far as I’m concerned, also the most likely. There are only four hours left, so it’s got to happen soon.

2) Speaking of the fact that there are four hours left, there are suddenly lots of bad guys in this “group” that need to be dealt with and little time with which to do it. It seems like there are three big fish that remain: Tony; Cara, the girl he’s running with; and Alan Wilson, the dude who appears to be leading this “group.” Bad guys don’t often get away, so I have to believe that all of these people are going to be taken care of, and my guess is that if you get Cara and Alan, you get the rest. Tony is already dead meat.

3) Olivia is still skating for being the leak, and there’s no way she gets off that easy. Somehow I think her meddling in this Hodges witness protection matter is going to be what exposes her betrayal. I haven’t quite figured out who this Martin dude is or what his purpose is, but Olivia has got to pay still.

4) And finally, how awesome was it to see Jack ream out Janis, even if he said President Palmer instead of President Taylor a couple of times. She’s been needing someone to blow her shit up pretty much since the start of the season. That was the most redeeming part of the episode for me.

So there really are only four episodes left. Last night took us to 4:00am and the day started at 8:00am, so you can do the math on your own if you want. There really isn’t much more time to introduce anymore bad guys and deal with the number of bad guys currently in play. My money is still on Jack killing Tony, and Jack and Lady Jack making out (though now that won’t come until/unless Jack gets cured).

24 recap - Four More

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  1. Well…finally. He’s back. :::checking for damage:::

  2. When Jack yelled at Janis for complaining (and being a horrible actor) is going in my top 5 favorite moments of the show. She bitches so much! I actually thought Chloe was going to do it, but seeing her crap her pants because of Jack was much more rewarding.

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