Intregal to my irritation’s

You know what really grinds my gears? Well, two things really.

1) This may be just another one of those “irregardless” snafus, or one of those “expecially” errors. Either way “intregal” is not a word. The word is integral. Of course, not everyone knows this. Just the other day I heard “intregal” twice on a scripted tv show. Are you kidding me? I could see if it was a live show or some reality TV where the people may not know better and/or are just stupid, but we’re talking about something where evidently the word “intregal” was purposefully written into the script. Get it right.

2) For some strange reason, at least lately, it’s become the en vogue thing to add ’s to the end of bar and restaurant names that don’t actually have them to begin with. You’re going to Fado, not Fado’s; R.F.D., not R.F.D’s; and Lucky Bar, not Lucky’s. What’s next, knocking back a few at Big Hunt’s? Are you gonna get plastered at Marvin’s? How about getting your unce unce on at 1223’s? Maybe you want to smoke a hookah at Chi Cha’s? Lame.

Intregal to my irritation's

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  1. My two triggers have always been ” seeking closure,” and my latest “interactive” (in the business sense,) for example: naming your business Starfish Interactive–beachy, yet business. Starfish’s Interactive Closure would just about do it.

  2. Irregardless will always remind me of “Mean Girls.” If you don’t know what I mean, then we can’t be friends.

  3. funny, i’ve never heard intregral, but i’m sure now that you’ve pointed it out, i going to notice it all the time.

  4. There are a lot of lysdexic folks out there who wouldn’t know the dirffence. Speaking of folks, would someone please explain to me the fairly recent trend of saying “folk” instead of “folks?” It always used to be “folks” but now a lot of the folk(s) are saying “folk” instead and it kind of drives me nuts.

  5. Maybe they’re just talking about lame mellow accoustic singing?

  6. Now you’ve got me thinking there should be a gay bar called Starfish Interactive.

  7. Supposin’ we should open a place called “Starfishes”.

    then people could say they are going to Starfishes’s.

  8. Kudos on the use of “grind my gears.” That’s old-timey chic!

  9. Gaaaahhhhhhhh!

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