24 recap: Holy crap

I’d like to give a blow-for-blow recap of last night’s episode of 24, but I can’t because I’m experiencing sensory overload. Instead…


The return of Kim Bauer
It was a foregone conclusion that she was coming back, as she is the key to Jack’s survival. I didn’t think it would be so soon, but I knew going into tonight that she was going to be on. How? Accident. I saw a girl on a show that looked a bit like Sprague Grayden, so I went to IMDB to confirm whether it was her. I sought her page through the 24 page, and saw Elisha Cuthbert uncredited but in tonight’s episode. Yeah, she and Jack were reunited, and Jack asked her to leave as he suffered more symptoms of the disease, but make no mistake – she’ll be back as the cure.

The turning, again, of Tony
So you have to figure that this time it’s for good. Tony’s bad, again, and this time it’s for real. I’ll get back to this because…

RIP, Larry
…he killed Larry. Well, to be fair, Larry was shot and Tony finished the job. I’ve been saying all along that Larry was going to bite it before the end of the season, but I never figured it was going to be in that manner. I never really liked his character, always wanting to be straight-edge right up until tonight when he showed a little Jack Bauer, willing to go back into Starkwood without true Presidential approval. It’s somewhat fitting that on the night he seemed to finally come around, he bit the dust. Unsurprisingly, there was no silent clock.

The turning, again, of Tony Continued
Once Jack figures out that Tony is a turncoat again, Jack is about 200% likely to want to kill Tony himself. The Jack v. Tony face-off is going to be epic. It’s a little early to process the hows and whos of Tony’s final turncoating, but as that information comes to light I’ll have a lot more to say.

Next week
Well, next week we have Lady Jack finding out about Larry dying. It’s prime Jack-comforting-Lady Jack time, and maybe it’s then that they get with the makey outey? It’s probably the best chance we’ve had yet to see it, even with Lady Jack telling Jack not to tell her how to feel. There are only six episodes left, so if it’s going to happen it’s got to happen soon!

24 recap - Holy crap

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  1. i was in shock last night. Looking forward to the Tony and Jack showdown.

  2. :::pretending to take notes:::

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