Extolling the virtues of little cups

When it comes to coffee, I’ve never been a crazed addict. I don’t go to Starbucks four times a day and I don’t buy multiple cups of coffee for myself when I go. My friends don’t buy me gift cards to coffee shops for my birthday and Christmas because they know I probably won’t get use out of them. Don’t get me wrong, I like coffee; a white mocha is good for me pretty much anytime. I just don’t often feel the need to throw down however much a venti whatever costs these days. Well, in the past 4+ months I’ve become a little more into the coffee. Why? Because this came into my life…

…and it’s like a whole new world has been discovered. No more do I have to use coffee filters and coffee grounds if I don’t want to (though it does have a separate filter attachment so you can use your existing grounds if you want). No more do I have to make an entire pot of coffee if I only plan on having one or two cups. With the Keurig mini, All you do is take one of those little k-cups and pop it in the machine, pour in the water to the fill level, place a mug underneath, and a few minutes later you have a hot cup of coffee. Clean up? Toss the k-cup in the trash.

This morning I had a cup of Caribou Daybreak, and it was quite tasty as usual. I have an arsenal of flavored coffees in which I periodically dabble (german chocolate cake, cinnamon pastry, creme brulee, caramel vanilla nut, etc), but the standard Daybreak and french vanilla do me just fine more often than not. I know, Starbucks is attached to the Tassimo folks, but is plain Starbucks coffee, unadulterated by pumps of syrup and whip cream, that much better than say Caribou or Timothy’s? I say no (yes, it’s better than Green Mountain – seriously, don’t buy Green Mountain).

So thank you, Keurig mini, for showing me the light. Coffee, for me, is forever changed. Now all I need is a machine that lets me drop in a cup full of donut ingredients and churns out a boston creme. Anyone?

Extolling the virtues of little cups

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  1. I’m too much of a purist for any of this stuff. Give me a beaker, unbleached filters #6, a grinder, and let me balance the magic between oil, water, air and fairy dust….and the bean. :::golden rays pouring forth::::

  2. But this stuff totally tastes like shit, dude.

  3. Once again, you lord the Keurig over my shitty Tassimo one cup.

  4. My husband got me one of these as a surprise for my birthday and I really want to like it, but I haven’t succeeded so far. It’s got that cool blue light and cleanup is a snap, etc. etc. etc. but to me the coffee tastes weak and watery. Some brands are better than others I guess. He’s been having fun with the various teas and hot chocolates so I guess that makes up for my lack of enjoyment – and guilt. So for now my lifelong habit of grabbing a cup at Starbucks or 7-11 to drink on the way to wherever remains intact.

  5. Ooooh like the donut machine idea. I’m a big fan of DD coffee, I will confess. I think Starbucks tastes burnt and since I like iced coffee, I never want to bother with our machine here that’s comparable to your Keurig. I know – lazy lazy lazy…

  6. Mmmm coffee. Am partial to a french press myself, but wholeheartedly agree about Starbuck’s drip being crap.

  7. I’m down for anything easy.

    That’s what she said.

  8. Where I think your new machine is helpful is like a home office, or some place where you need coffee for a “one cup” moment, and for that I see settling for a smaller machine. But for my everyday “good morning” needs? No.

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