24 recap: King Missile

With Larry away, is this the week that Jack and Lady Jack finally make with the makey outey? Let’s find out…


Larry, Tony, and the FBI are surrounded at Starkwood. Hodges shows up and does a we’re soooo innocent, look! routine, and tells Larry he has five minutes to hit the road. Back at the FBI, they’re trying to find a way for Larry and his people to get out of there. Jack discoveres that Doug Knowles, Chairman of Starkwood, who two weeks ago was Hodges’ chief opponent to opposing the US government, was working with Senator 70s Show on his Starkwood investigation. Lady Jack is skeptical, but Jack convinces her and he makes the call to Knowles. Jack informs Knowles of the status of the weapon, and Doug appears willing to help the FBI.

Back outside at Starkwood, they’re moving in on Larry and company. Jack wants Larry to create a diversion to help Tony escape to presumably meet up with Doug. Larry punches Seaton, and Starkwood’s attention is drawn to that as Tony escapes, but not before he takes something from an FBI soldier. Larry leaves with his men, and Tony slinks away to meet Doug. Back at the FBI, Tony is radioing that he needs satellite support, but Jack can’t answer because he appears to be suffering from side effects of his exposure to the weapon. He’s leaning up against the wall in some discomfort as Lady Jack asks if he’s okay, and tells him that Tony and Doug have made contact.

At the White House, Jack and Lady Jack are calling. He tells her that Hodges’ men were going to attack so Larry and his people stood down, but that Tony is with Doug, who has a good idea of where the weapon is. The President wants Jack to visibly ID the weapon. Olivia gets a phone call and leaves the room. The reporter dude is on the phone and tells her that he heard that the Joint Chiefs have been called in and that there were rumors of weapons of mass destruction. She deflects, but he threatens to expose her forcing out of Ethan as Chief of Staff if he doesn’t tell her what’s going on. He tells her what hotel he’s in, and she calls Aaron (who I guess has taken her offer) to get a car ready for her.

Back at Starkwood, they think they’ve found the building where the weapon is located because it is not emitting an infrared signal and likely under a blackout shield. Doug’s keycard won’t open the door to the building, and Tony gets help from Barney to open it. Jack is still struggling visibly as the door combination is being decoded, and Doug and Tony take cover from a passing vehicle. Doug steps out to distract the guys in the vehicle, long enough for Tony to get into the building, and the guys escort Doug away. Jack staggers and falls into a seizure under effects of the weapon, and Lady Jack rushes to his side and calls for a medic.

Back at Starkwood, Hodges is informed of Doug’s presence. He asks that Doug be taken to his office until Hodges arrives, and wants security increased to make sure he was alone. He asks a scientist of some sort “how much longer” and is told half an hour. At the reporter’s hotel, Olivia convinces a reluctant Aaron to wait outside while she enters the hotel room. Ken, the reporter, and Olivia talk and Ken reveals what he knows about the WMD being moved out of Alexandria and wants to know more. Olivia cites national security as to why she can’t confirm anything, but under pressure she tells him about Starkwood developing the weapon and that they moved it to their base, and that the President is ordering an air strike as soon as they know where the weapon is. She wants to make sure Ken kills the story, but he won’t do it unless he is convinced. And by “is convinced,” he means “gets to bang Olivia.” They kiss. Back at the FBI, Jack’s given some sort of injection to mask the symptoms. The doctor tells him that there’s an experimental treatment but it requires genetically compatible stem cells, and she suggests his daughter as a donor. Instantly, Jack says he doesn’t want his daughter involved and leaves the room. Lady Jack pleads with Jack to involve his daughter, but he stonewalls her, saying he and his daughter don’t talk. Lady Jack suggests that it’s her choice whether she wants to help, and Jack says it is his choice because he’s the one dying. I predict Lady Jack contacting her sometime soon.

Back at Starkwood, security seems onto Tony, entering the building at the same point that he entered. Tony presses on, entering a room and disabling two Starkwood dudes who were searching for him before dressing in the clothes of one of the men. Continuing on, he enters an elevator. Another man enters as the doors are closing and he mentions never having seen Tony before. Tony deflects long enough for the man to leave. He gets a visual on the weapon and sends a photo to the FBI for Jack to verify. Jack confirms, and Tony says it looks like they’re transferring the agent from the cannisters to a delivery system so they can distribute it. Jack tells Tony that the place will be dust in 10 minutes and tells Tony to get out of there. At Doug’s office, Hodges shows up and Doug asks why he’s been arrested and held captive and asks what’s going on. He says he saw the FBI raid and that they say there are bioweapons at Starkwood. Hodges gives a we helped the US government and now they want to take us down speech. Doug tries to talk sense into him. Hodges assaults Doug with a glass bottle and throws him over a railing to the floor a couple of stories below, presumably killing him. As he’s cleaning blood off of him, Seaton alerts him that F-18s are en route and are 10 minutes away. Hodges tells Seaton to place a call to the President and that he’ll be there soon.

Back at the hotel, Olivia is getting dressed. She wants confirmation that the Starkwood story won’t run. Ken backstabs her, but assures her that her nose will stay clean. She shows him that she recorded their little tryst on video on her phone, and that puts her issue with Ken, a married man, to bed. As she’s leaving, the Prez calls and wants her at the White House because the airstrike is happening. It’s seven minutes out. Back at Starkwood, they’re trying to reach the President. Hodges acknowledges that Doug is dead. The airstrike planes are closing in, and the White House knows that Starkwood knows that they’re coming. Prez receives the call from Hodges on a private line. Hodges tells her that missiles are loaded with the pathogen and aimed at cities on the eastern seaboard and wants the planes turned around. He wants to meet with the Prez at the White House. He tells her that she has 30 seconds to call off the strike or he’ll launch the missiles. She calls for an abort without explanation, which is reluctantly executed. End of show.

Next week promises to “stop the clock” and missiles appear ready for launch, with Hodges negotiating with the Prez.

24 recap - King Missile

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