Real Tales of Law Enforcement Competence

Last Saturday, between booze brunch and a tailgate, I came home to someone parked in my parking space. To be more clear, that’s covered parking space that is official property of me. Not a space I just happen to park in, that bitch is mine. The vehicle did not have its hazard lights blinking, which usually indicates a short stay, and since I was going to need to load my car up for the aforementioned tailgate, I was not happy with having to park on the street. With a little over 90 minutes to kill before having to load up and leave. Action needed to be taken.

I called the police non-emergency number to request ticketing of the vehicle, since the towing company we use will not tow unless the vehicle is ticketed. The dispatcher told me that a unit would be sent over as soon as possible. Figuring that I would not see an officer before leaving, and that the vehicle would be gone well before a cop got here, since nobody would be stupid enough to leave themselves illegally parked in someone else’s space for 90 minutes, I went to take the dog for a walk. Imagine my surprise when we got back to my building 15 minutes later to see an officer walking down the hall toward the garage.

“You wouldn’t happen to be ticketing, would you?” I asked, thinking that it was just happenstance and hopefully I could get this officer to help me out.

“Are you Mr. 66?” he asked.

Holy crap. As soon as possible was actually really soon.

“I am. The space is this way.”

A fifteen minute response time? Unbelievable. The vehicle was ticketed, and I called the tow company thinking that this thing would be over and done with well before I had to leave.

“I’ve only got one truck that can fit in that garage, and that won’t be available til Monday” the tow company guy told me. Fairly sure that it’d be gone by then, I called another tow company, and was told that a truck would be there in 45 minutes. That turned into an hour, an when I finally loaded up to leave, the vehicle was still there.

Now, it wasn’t there when I got back, but I don’t know if that’s because it was towed or because the driver left (I’m betting on the latter.) Still, I’m in a bit of disbelief over the fact that there was actual prompt response to my call. Yeah, you could say that that response time would be better used on a more important issue, but I’ll take it, with the hope that if something more important had been going on at the time I would not have seen a cop so soon. Now if only the tow trucks could move a little quicker…

Real Tales of Law Enforcement Competence

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  1. You should put up a big sign that says: “I WILL FUCKING SHOOT ANY VEHICLE PARKED HERE THAT DOES NOT BELONG TO ME”

    Possibly, a strip of nails would be a good idea, too, although it might mean unwelcome visitors will be staying for awhile.

  2. I used to keep an orange cone I pulled of the highway in my trunk. You leave, throw the cone down, garrenteed parking spot. Would be rough to have to do that everytime in your own spot though.

  3. This would make me SO happy. I’m totally vindictive like that.

    You know, to strangers.

  4. the cops are pretty fast when ticketing for that kind of stuff….the city has got to make money!!

  5. I loved getting people towed out of my spot when i was at WVU. It was sweet, sweet revenge.

  6. Kiddo? You are seriously slipping. Always have an ice pick in your glove box.

  7. The more tickets issued, the sooner we get out of this recession. Hell, I may just put my local meter maid on speed dial.

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