24 recap: Four More

I’m back in DC and still sorta getting my feet back under me after a whirlwind weekend in New York City. I did manage to watch 24 last night, but haven’t the energy to do a full run-through but…
…I won’t leave you with nothing.
1) With Kim Bauer presumably having gone back to LA, the [...]

Adios, bye bye

Where in the world is I-66?

This weekend is going to be a long one for me. I’m going somewhere on Friday and coming back Monday. The question, of course, is where am I headed? I’ll give you a few clues.
1) It’s going to take 1 hour 25 minutes to fly there.
2) It’s going to be cooler there than here.
3) Gophers [...]

What I learned this weekend

No matter how much you hate someone, or how clear you have made it that you want absolutely nothing to do with them, they will sometimes keep making overtures toward you. Why? Because they don’t understand why you hate them (despite you having told them on more than one occasion).
Frustrating, yet also vindicating.

Intregal to my irritation’s

You know what really grinds my gears? Well, two things really.
1) This may be just another one of those “irregardless” snafus, or one of those “expecially” errors. Either way “intregal” is not a word. The word is integral. Of course, not everyone knows this. Just the other day I heard “intregal” twice on a scripted [...]

24 recap: Holy crap

I’d like to give a blow-for-blow recap of last night’s episode of 24, but I can’t because I’m experiencing sensory overload. Instead…
The return of Kim Bauer
It was a foregone conclusion that she was coming back, as she is the key to Jack’s survival. I didn’t think it would be so soon, but I knew [...]

In which I like my eggs a little Bunny

My Easter started with consumption of a Cadbury Creme Egg, as it should have (note to readers: candy will be half off today). I left for Sequoia to meet family, and drove by Clyde’s where I saw the creepiest Easter Bunny I’ve ever seen. I parked, walked inside, and was seated for brunch with my [...]

Extolling the virtues of little cups

When it comes to coffee, I’ve never been a crazed addict. I don’t go to Starbucks four times a day and I don’t buy multiple cups of coffee for myself when I go. My friends don’t buy me gift cards to coffee shops for my birthday and Christmas because they know I probably won’t get [...]

24 recap: King Missile

With Larry away, is this the week that Jack and Lady Jack finally make with the makey outey? Let’s find out…
Larry, Tony, and the FBI are surrounded at Starkwood. Hodges shows up and does a we’re soooo innocent, look! routine, and tells Larry he has five minutes to hit the road. Back at the [...]

Real Tales of Law Enforcement Competence

Last Saturday, between booze brunch and a tailgate, I came home to someone parked in my parking space. To be more clear, that’s covered parking space that is official property of me. Not a space I just happen to park in, that bitch is mine. The vehicle did not have its hazard lights blinking, which [...]