Children of the Comcast

Alright Comcast, I realize we’ve had some trouble before, but this time it isn’t about poor customer service. I need to talk to you about your new commercials.

This is supposed to make people want to switch to Comcast?
These people don’t show any personality. There are minimal facial expressions, minimal voice inflection, [...]

24 recap: Big Bang

Would it be too cliché to say that this episode of 24 was explosive? Yes? Okay then.
In case you forgot, the White House is under siege. I learn that I’ve been spelling General Juma’s name wrong all along. Whatever. While President Taylor and Olivia are having a moment, Jack decides that he’s going to [...]


Despite my affinity for chilly weather, seeing my breath, and snow, I must admit I did enjoy the weather of this past weekend. With it, came driving everywhere with the windows down and music blasting, sitting on a bar stool and um… critiquing… passersby, and the reminder that almost weekly DCU tailgates are just around [...]

Something awful In The Ayer

When it comes to musical enjoyment, I will never say that I have amazing taste. I cannot listen to country music, but I’ll listen to virtually everything else, and I have an unabashed love for Bon Jovi, 90’s hip hop, and reggaeton. Listening to my iPod on shuffle could get you anything from Jay-Z to [...]

Kicking around

No TMI Thursday this week, bloglings. Instead, a few lazily bulleted points. Sorry to disappoint, Sarah.
- Am I the only one who occasionally wants to suggest meeting up with someone at 7:23 or 6:27 just to mix things up? Why do we always have to start things on a quarter hour?
- Women of Facebook, what’s up with [...]

Means without ends

I step out of the car into the still city night. The moon and stars above light my path as I walk to the entrance, and all I hear is my feet on the sidewalk. I push the doors open with both hands. From the corner of the room, I watch myself enter and walk [...]

24 recap: Big Jouma’s House

Recapping two hours of 24 in blow-by-blow fashion would make for a blog post longer than I care to admit, so please forgive me for the brief departure from that format, as I jump around last night’s events.
One of my favorite parts of last nights episodes was how that little drill bored a huge [...]

Mugging. For the camera.

This weekend was one of a lot of booze and a lot of booze. It culminated in a day-long drinkfest yesterday that included one event in particular.
The Scene was 7th Street. Outside, a girl, flanked by a man holding a camera and a man holding a purple boombox with an iPod connected to it, was [...]