24 recap: The Infected

24, baby. You know the drill.


This episode will take us to midnight. Jack is being checked out by the CDC, as well as the truck he drove out of the compound. He’s asked to disrobe, and says that the weapon, when tested on Sangalans, caused dementia and paralysis. He gets scrubbed down like Jules and Vince in Pulp Fiction.

Barney’s back, though not as annoying as usual. Larry is preparing to move on Starkwood if proof of a weapon is acquired. Meanwhile, the weapon is being lowered onto Starkwood helipad, and Tony is unloaded conscious and walking. Hodges tells Seaton that Tony won’t talk, that he’s not the type. Thugs beat up Tony anyway trying to get him to talk, and tell them what the FBI knows. No dice. Tony says “I don’t know anything, Mr. Hodges.” Seaton suggests to Hodges that they destroy the evidence, the weapon, before the FBI gets there. Hodges, obviously, isn’t budging.

Back at the truck, they’re maintaining Jack’s quarantine and tell him they’ll have results as to whether he was infected in 15 minutes. They’re trying to identify the pathogen released by the weapon. At the White House, Olivia is suggesting to the President that she look outside her administration to find a replacement for Ethan. The President tells Olivia that she’d like her to be her interim Chief of Staff. Olivia accepts. Larry calls the Prez and tells her that Jack was framed by Starkwood for killing Burnett and Senator 70s Show. He then tells her about the weapon, and says that they need to move on Starkwood immediately. The Prez calls for an assembly of the cabinet and the Joint Chiefs.

Back at the FBI, Larry walks into Lady Jack’s holding room, and tells her of Starkwood’s role in setting up Jack and developing the weapon. He tells a concerned Lady Jack about Jack being exposed to the weapon and quarantined. She sheds a couple of tears. Larry apologizes for not having trusted Jack and Lady Jack, and that she should have kept him in the loop and trusted him. Lady Jack looks distant but composes herself and asked when they were moving on Starkwood. At the White House, Aaron has been debriefed and is leaving but Olivia asks him to be part of her security detail as she’s acting Chief of Staff. Aaron says he’s retired and appears not to want to do the job. Olivia tries to persuade him, says she trusts him, and leaves assuming his answer is yes. The President addresses the cabinet and Joint Chiefs. Starkwood is located in Northern Virginia. Northern Virginia REPRESENT! The pathogen has been identified, called CJE, and there’s no cure.

Back at Starkwood, some dude is bargaining with Tony on behalf of Hodges. He pulls a gun on Tony who’s not talking, but Seaton shoots the guy before he can shoot Tony. Seaton wants Tony’s help, saying that he won’t go down because Hodges has lost his mind. He wants immunity, so Tony suggests they call the FBI to strike a deal. In an ambulance, Jack’s bloodwork is back. The results are on some sort of PDA that is shown to Jack, who reacts ambiguously before returning the device and saying “thank you.” Commercial. Fuckers.

At the FBI, Barney tells Lady Jack that Jack’s arrived. She meets him and he tells her that he’s infected and he walks away. Lady Jack learns from a doctor that it’s not contagious. She goes to a room where Jack is changing into street clothes and is shirtless. She tells him she’s to debrief him. I bet she is. Back at Starkwood, Seaton is leading Tony around. They enter Seaton’s office, and Seaton begins to secure the landline to call the FBI. Seaton says he never thought Hodges would take it this far. He regrets not having done something to stop Hodges sooner. Tony calls FBI and talks to Larry. He explains that Seaton released him in exchange for immunity for telling him where the weapon is located. Tony asks about Jack, and Larry tells him that he’s infected. Larry sets up a call to the White House to arrange immunity for Seaton. (Semi-related note: it’s a little strange to see David Palmer pushing Allstate during an episode of 24.)

The Prez is looking at videos of Sangalans’ reactions to CJE. She regrets having fed the Starkwood monster, and feels at least partly responsible for them having the weapon. Larry calls, asking for immunity for Seaton. She authorizes the move and signs the immunity document digitally. Larry says they can be at Starkwood in 10 minutes. Seaton gives the coordinates of a warehouse where the weapon is. They want someone on the ground for recon, so Seaton is taking Tony there. The FBI mobilizes as Jack arrives. He wants to go on the operation, but Larry indicates Jack’s infection as a reason that he can’t go as Lady Jack looks on. Jack accepts that he’s right, and said he always knew they’d finally agree on something.

At Starkwood, Tony takes out a distracted security guard and Seaton leads him to the warehouse. They look on from the outside. Inside, Hodges knows that the FBI is on the way after intercepting a government transmission. Larry, in a chopper, talks to Tony on a radio who relays information about people outside and inside the warehouse. Starkwood’s air tower contacts the FBI, and Larry does the equivalent of serving a search warrant for the warehouse. Choppers descend on Starkwood. Larry meets Seaton and Tony. FBI forces roll in and arrest the armed guards outside the warehouse. I get the feeling that the warehouse is empty as they blow the doors off of it. It is. Seaton alleges that he told Tony everything under duress. Seaton is arrested. Hodges looks on and acknowledges that Seaton bought them some time on the other side of the compound. Larry gives the order to search the entire compound as a bunch of Starkwood soldiers descend upon them in huge numbers and armored vehicles. A man emerges and says that Starkwood won’t let the FBI search the property and that they will defend it, adding that if the FBI advances any further they will be fired upon. End of episode.

Next week, Jack appears to suffer from the effects of the CJE, Starkwood and the FBI are still standing off, and Olivia appears to be willing to sleep with the reporter dude to keep a story from breaking.

24 recap - The Infected

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  1. So they didn’t call Ethan back because?! I really hate the dynamic between the daughter and Aaron…She’s just really creepy.

    I can’t believe Tony fell for that. Jack would’ve never…

    Or he would’ve beaten the shit out of the guy first.

    • I guess we figure Aaron is going to accept the job. I also figure he’ll be the one to figure out the games she’s playing and expose her.

  2. Probably right about Aaron…I wonder if they’ll find an antidote for Jack.

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