24 recap: Jack on the run

We’re back this week with another hour of 24. If you don’t know by now…


We’re back at the hospital with Jack evading the police, FBI, SWAT, INS or whoever is chasing him. Further proving that in and around DC you shouldn’t leave valuables in view, he breaks the window of and steals a car that has a laptop in it that we obviously see is a Mac Cult machine, just without the “one of us… one of us…” tagline. Jack hauls it out of the hospital parking lot. Back at the FBI, Morris is asking questions about Chloe’s whereabouts while Barney (that’s Janice for those who haven’t been paying attention) is meeting her annoyingness quota for the hour, telling Morris very little about Chloe other than she’s in holding, and then telling him to wait in the conference room. Lady Jack, clearly not making out with Jack this week, is at the FBI headquarters too, trying to find out what’s going on. Barney tells her about fugitive Jack and dead Ryan Burnett. Lady Jack goes to her office.

Back on the road, Jack uses the computer and accesses security files he lifted from the hospital and finds the guy who tried to frame him on camera. He calls Lady Jack, explains that he’s been setup, and gets Lady Jack’s help to ID Quinn. Lady Jack is hesitant at first, probably wondering how it is Jack can do all of this and drive at the same time, and how he got her email address, but she finally pushes all her chips to the center of the table, indicating that she’s all in with Jack. She says she’ll call him back with the ID. This segment was brought to you by Sprint wireless broadband.

Now we’re at Hodges’ (Jon Voight) digs, where he and Seaton (Lucas from Empire Records) are talking over the plans with the shipment of Juma weapons. We still don’t know what they are, but we’re supposed to believe Voight at least thinks he has a soul when he talks about how he doesn’t want to use the weapons. And did he just say the word “pajamas?”

Lady Jack hits Jack on the hip and IDs Quinn, explaining that he’s a part of Blackwater – er, Starkwood – a contracted military organization that Senator 70s Show has been investigating. Jack wants the Senator’s address which Lady Jack sends to him as Larry walks in the office. They talk briefly and pleasantly, with Lady Jack questioning whether Jack, after everything that has happened, killed Burnett. Larry says she should go home and leaves the office, going outside to tell Barney that Lady Jack has talked to Jack. He gets Barney to access Lady Jack’s logs to see what she’s done. It’s only a matter of time before Jack and Lady Jack are making Superagent babies together. If he won’t, I’ll make Blasianagent babies with her that will be only slightly less cool. And less deadly. But probably taller.

At the White House, the Prez is about to give a speech and Olivia has input. The President kowtows to her to make her feel appreciated, including part of what she wants put in the speech, and then Ethan enters and tells the Prez what happened with Jack and Burnett. Olivia snipes at him and Prez puts her in line. Make up your mind, President. Either let the beast run or keep her on a leash. Back at the FBI, Renee turns in her badge and gun before seeing Barney talking on her headset about her so she attempts to flee before being apprehended. Larry alleges that she knows where Jack is and she denies it. Larry has her arrested.

At Senator 70s Show’s pad, we’re about to find out whether he’s Bauer-proofed his home. The answer is no, as Jack has somehow already entered without setting off the alarm, and he grills the Senator about Starkwood, wanting access to his files. Senator tries to get Jack to say he’ll give himself up if he lets him access the files. You don’t negotiate with Jack Bauer.
The Prez is giving her speech, and some toolbox tells Ethan that he’s going to report what happened to Burnett, Jack’s status as suspect, and Ethan’s responsibility. Ethan denies, and believes Olivia is the leak. She claims innocence, looking too guilty to be guilty. Back at the FBI, because Lady Jack encrypted info she sent Jack, Barney can’t hack it because she’s lame. They bait Morris with Chloe’s possible punishment and he agrees to help them hack the info if Chloe gets immunity. They do, he does, and Chloe is predictably unhappy with Morris as the FBI heads to Senator 70s Show’s place to get Jack. There, Jack has linked Quinn and Starkwood to another murder and the Senator is now convinced that Jack is onto something. A cop arrives at the door, and the Senator convinces Jack that he can get the cops to help them, so Jack tells the Senator to let the cop in. Whoops! It’s Quinn! How the hell did he know where to go? Bang bang goes the Senator, and Jack escapes.

White House confrontation. Prez, Ethan, and Olivia. Olivia is blamed but smugly exonerates herself by confirming a lead that the leak is elsewhere and that she can get the story to die if the Prez gives a little reporter face time. Even if she’s not the leak, she still is too smug to mean well. Out in the field, the FBI has discovered Senator’s body and blames Jack. Meanwhile, Jack enters a construction sight. Quinn sees Jack’s blood, presumably from when he escaped Senator 70s Show’s place by throwing himself through a glass door, and tracks him to the sight like a CSI. He enters a trailer and shoots it up thinking Jack is inside. He’s not. In fact, he’s in a tractor that topples the trailer! What?! Quinn climbs out. Jack climbs down out of the tractor and it’s hand-to-hand combat time. Jack wins, in the construction sight. with the screwdriver, and Quinn is coaxed to tell Jack that the weapons are already here. Jack pulls the location off of Quinn’s cell and calls Tony, just chilling at an outdoor café. Jack relays the location to Tony, who’s on the way.

Next week, Tony and Jack find the weapons, and we get a dramatic shot of Lady Jack in holding.

24 recap - Jack on the run

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  1. Reading the recap here is much more tolerable than actually watching the show.

  2. I seriously hate the President’s daughter. Sneaky little bitch.

    I love Chloe’s husband though…Their interaction is hilarious.

  3. NOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!! Why did Red have to die???

    Oh, 24, how you tease me with your twisty turns!

  4. While you watched 24, I spent hours makiing roasted potato and leek soup with fried shallot topping. It was and is perfection, but a ton of work.

  5. 24 is the worst show in the world. that is all.

  6. Lady Jack is hesitant at first, probably wondering how it is Jack can do all of this and drive at the same time, and how he got her email address,


    That’s what I was thinking during that scene anyway.

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