Sights & Sounds of Shamrockfest

Shamrockfest was a soggy drunkfest, as I expected. Flanked at times by a couple of bloggers and a number of others, this is what transpired.

Dominating Theme #1: Sunglasses
Anyone who looked at the forecast for Saturday as early as 48 hours before Shamrockfest knew that there was at least a 50% chance that it was going to be overcast and rainy. Hell, anyone who stepped onto their front step in the morning saw that the sun was not going to be seen all day long. So why is it that so many people were wearing sunglasses? Idiots, you looked ridiculous.

Dominating Theme #2: Halloween come early
Speaking of ridiculous… I realize that wearing green is the thing for St. Patrick’s Day celebrations. So can someone tell me where the tutus, and other costumey getups came into play? March 17 is not October 31, people.

Rollin’ VIP, what?! Rollin’ VIP
VIP was a little bit different this year. The two VIP areas were bigger. The restroom trailers were replaced by long rows of port-a-johns, which I actually appreciated because it meant that there were more places to go when you had to take a leak. There was better-than-Bud beer like Bass, and the Shamrockfest beer was actually Redhook. Beer lines for the non-Bud were short, and you never had to wait long for booze – a good thing, of course. I did not see the promised food vendors in the VIP area in Lot 8, but I managed to find corn dogs fairly quickly and without much waiting in line on the outside.

Flip Cup
Ahhh flip cup. With the tables provided in the VIP area it is a time-honored tradition. Flip cup all-stars that we are, I can only recall losing two or three games of the many we played, even when gimmicks were employed like the first drinkers sprinting once around the table before drinking, or answering a multiple choice question of preference before drinking. The latter was the most intriguing because there was no right or wrong answer, so the trick was to just answer one quickly so you could drink. That wrinkle generated one of the funniest moments of the day, where a guy and a girl faced off to start the game, and the question asker posed the following: Cum on the tits or cum on the face? The guy very quickly and matter of factly answered “tits” and brought the cup to his mouth. The girl, after a brief moment of hesitation or introspection answered “face” and started to drink. I was giggling like a giddy child at her preference, and a guy across the table laughed and uttered softly to himself “she said face” before we both laughed loudly. She should have received wedding proposals on the spot.

After my blogger compatriots exited, I stayed around a little longer with some other friends before heading for the metro myself. All in all, a wet yet enjoyable day. Hopefully it’s dry next year.

Sights & Sounds of Shamrockfest

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  1. Gotta love idiots and their shades.

    I might actually make it out next year…lol

  2. Ah good, I shall be blogging about the pants incident.

  3. I don’t mind people getting a little dressed up, mainly because it provides me with free entertainment, but I have to say, I really hate the big “leprechaun” hats. They are so dumb looking. However, since St. Patty’s is my 2nd favorite holiday (after Halloween), I say go all out.

    • I’m talking about going to the extremes. Beads are cool. Green glasses are fine. Wigs are acceptable. When you combine those things and garish knee-high socks with tutus, then well..

  4. How did I miss the multiple choice part of flip cup?!

    Does my mug hat count as a costume?

    • I don’t think you were playing in that particular game.

      And no, you weren’t costumed. Your accoutrement was tasteful by comparison.

  5. I heard reports of “Party Bitches” tee shirts in green….and those were the men.

  6. Interesting – I didn’t know what all VIP for Shamrockfest entailed. Nice perks!

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