Ruh roh

Ruh roh

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  1. whatever you’re gonna be inside

  2. Who cares about a lil rain when there’s FREE BEER?! (This is the only time my Seattle upbringing comes out.)

  3. Call me when y’all end up coming back into the city early. I’ll try and keep pace with you from the warmth of my couch…

  4. 1) Drinking green beer is still fun, even in the rain.

    2) Watching drunks falls down in the rain is even better.

    3) Wear a green poncho and your rubbers.

    4) Have some flashing badge on your that says “Kiss Me. I’m Irish.”

    5) Help me find my shamrock earrings.

    6) Listen to the Dropkick Murphys screaming “I lost my leg.”

    7) You meanwhile can think “I found my keg.”

    8) While drinking, think of that Comcast guy in the hot tub and just what that white cloud hovering over one end really is.

    9) Wear green that is showing.

    10) Wear green that is hidden, so when you are feeling “good,” you can do a reveal.

    11) Ponder why the Irish put cabbage in their mashed potatoes.

    12) Ponder why they call this muck Colcannon.

    13) Wonder if soda bread involves Pepsi.

    14) Wonder if mixing soda bread with Colcannon would be bomb worthy of the IRA.

    15) Get some Colcannon and soda bread. Blow something up.

    17) Drink a lot of green water before passing out. Ponder if your urine will be green the next day.

  5. 16) and or 18) wonder why Cubie’s numbers are already so fouled up so early on the weekend.

  6. “Oh no! I can’t get drunk because it’s raining!”

    Come on!!

  7. Hi Phil. Yeah 66′r. Do you think a little rain would stop The Playaz? They can be dying of a drug overdose in a swimming pool. A little rain doesn’t keep them down.

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