Airing of the Awesomeness

For three straight years now I’ve gone to Shamrockfest. I’ve gone from standing in the parking lot of the Super Pollo, holding a styrofoam box of pollo a la brasa in one hand and eating chicken with the other while listening to JunkFood, to dancing my ass off in a DJ tent with assorted blogger types, to witnessing random acts of drunken ingenuity (left, and no, that isn’t me.) At the end of the day/night, I’m almost always drunk, full of food that isn’t good for me, and my legs and feet hurt from the walking, standing, and Percolating. But you know what? I come back and do it every year.

This year is going to be no different. VIP access, recommended for all attendees, grants you passage into the VIP areas which means, among other things, 1) restroom trailers instead of port-a-johns, 2) free good beer instead of paying for Bud and Bud Light, and 3) the possibility of running into me. I’d say that in order of importance those things go 2, 3, 1. I’m pretty damn cool but I’m not free beer cool. Just saying.

So go thee forth. Get thee your tickets, your green garb, and shed ye thy dignity at the gate. It’s Shamrockfestivus for the rest of us, and it’s going to be awesome.

Airing of the Awesomeness

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  1. I’ll be there, and it will be beerfully glorious.

  2. I think you need to consider performing a random act of drunken ingenuity. Something that doesn’t require too much time or energy, but is good for a photo op. ….now what could that be?

  3. mmmm….. green beer….

    god, I love this holiday.

  4. I kissed that guy! Ha!

    I’m going to have to miss it this year, and I’m gutted. Have a dozen beers for me, if you will. Slainte!

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