Despite my affinity for chilly weather, seeing my breath, and snow, I must admit I did enjoy the weather of this past weekend. With it, came driving everywhere with the windows down and music blasting, sitting on a bar stool and um… critiquing… passersby, and the reminder that almost weekly DCU tailgates are just around the corner. That said, I need it to get a little cooler around here for a few days. You see, it appears as though the AC in my place is not exactly conditioning said air. Rather, it’s churning, sounding as though it’s working, when in reality it’s blowing air that is negligibly lower than current room temperature. Not good.

So, please forgive me for welcoming the soon-to-be dropping temperatures, down into the 40s as the week progresses. Until I can remedy this little problem, that’s the way it’s going to have to be. Well, at least until Saturday and Shamrockfest, when I could do for a little warmer than a high of 48. Then again, if past Shamrockfests have been any indication, I can just warm myself up by doing the Percolator.


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  1. I need to figure out something fun to do on St. Patrick’s Day. Last year, I was sitting in a local dive-bar in Annapolis and a baby was playing next to the juke box while his parents got plastered. Good times.

    If I could re-write that story, the toddler would have been at the table eating Lucky Charms with Pepsi, instead of milk,… or green tea, for anti-oxidants. Hey, it’s healthy.

  2. Isn’t Shamrock Fest in a closed arena this year?

  3. Please do the wheelbarrow for me.

  4. I leave my A/C on year-round because my apartment is a freaking sauna… that said, I’m looking forward to the lower temps, too.

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