Something awful In The Ayer

When it comes to musical enjoyment, I will never say that I have amazing taste. I cannot listen to country music, but I’ll listen to virtually everything else, and I have an unabashed love for Bon Jovi, 90’s hip hop, and reggaeton. Listening to my iPod on shuffle could get you anything from Jay-Z to Young MC, Eminem to Boyz II Men, Live to Maroon 5, and Queen to Rage Against the Machine. But there are some places I have to draw the line.

Something awful In The Ayer


Is Right Round by Flo-Rida actually the #1 iTunes download? Is this really happening? Have you actually listened to the song? People are actually profiting from sampling Dead or Alive?

I’m not going to say that Flo-Rida is incapable of producing enjoyable music. Low was awfully catchy, and while it may have given way to terrible overuse of “boots with the fur” as a description of one’s choice of footwear, the song was hard not to dance to. But this? Right Round? You’ve got to be kidding me. Maybe it’s the fact that I can’t stop thinking about Dead or Alive’s You Spin Me Round, and the truly awkward music video, but Right Round just sounds like aural diarrhea. Wake up, music listeners. I haven’t got much more faith in humanity to lose.

Something awful In The Ayer

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  1. I saw that too and thought the same thing… there are so many better songs out there, like Britney’s If You Seek Amy aka F U C K me.

  2. The American populous has the WORST taste in music!

    I’m definitely a music snob, but it doesn’t make the above statement any less true. Honestly, radio, especially Hip Hop/R&B radio, sucks so bad right now. It’s awful. If I had one wish, it wouldn’t be for world peace or a vault full of gold coins that I could swim in. No, it would be that Lil’ Wayne would lose his voice for at least 10 years.

    I pine for the days of Wu Tang. Alas, those days are gone.

  3. I like Right Round…only because of the first time I listened to it and the person I listened to it with…I tend to have sentimental attachments to songs…even if they’re horrible.

    But I prefer the techno remix.

  4. “Aural diarrhea”… now there’s a phrase that’s going to stick with me. Well done.

  5. I do have good taste in music: eclectic and long-reaching. So you may catch me listening to Al Bowly’s Red Sails in the Sunset, followed by Roky Erikson’s Two-Headed Dog then Unity Part I by Sun Ra. Speaking of Sun Ra, I just sold an old telephone poster of his to some Jazzster in NYC that played with him at Takoma Station circa I dunno for $250. Gotta love eBay.

    I put some Ben Gay on my heating pad and clicked over to “Billboard” and all of their charts. You do know Billboard, don’t you, young whippersnapper? That’s the best means to read current charts (and they have many charts.)

    Flo Rida is at #1. Same standing over at “Rolling Stone”. Enrique Iglesias tops the “Hot Dance Chart” this week. Go figure. Top “Airplay” this week is Britney. Your pal, Flo is down at number eight on “that” chart. Depends on what chart you’re looking at.

    Aural diarrhea has been around for some time. Try Lou Reed’s Metal Machine Music for a good example. I had some hip radio station on the other day and they played Richard Harris singing Jim Webb’s MacArthur Park. I thought he’d never stf up. Anything of the Kelly Clarkson-Taylor Swift school. Whispy and whiney. The Queen of that crap was Claudine Longet who was married to cardigan wearing Andy Williams, and her career nose-dived whe she shot her ski instructor (hipster) Spider Savitch in Aspen, then married the defense attorney that got her off.

    So Chris and Rihanna? Pfft. Hit the studios. Cut a double-cd. The his and hers version. Straight to #1 with a bullet.

  6. Aural diarrhea indeed. It’s no “Low.”

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