Means without ends

I step out of the car into the still city night. The moon and stars above light my path as I walk to the entrance, and all I hear is my feet on the sidewalk. I push the doors open with both hands. From the corner of the room, I watch myself enter and walk to the center of the red carpeted floor, stopping, looking. The people surrounding me are blurs, but her approach is clear. She takes my hands, and her kiss hello is cinnamon sweet. She says nothing and leads me out another exit. A flash of light places us in a corridor. I watch her lead me up the stairs and then around the corner. The door opens and we enter. I see nothing as it closes.

I wake up.

Means without ends

13 Responses

  1. Damn! I was ready to text you for some news. I hate when dreams end like that.

    However, I think this one needs some decoding. Are you embarking on some sort of journey?

  2. Interesting.

  3. Nothing worse than being waken out of a great dream… and no matter how you try to get it back, it’s never the same…

  4. …and yes, it was a good dream, but…sad.

  5. $hit…i was alll like….WAIT!!!! whats going on…who is she??
    darn those dream girls what are ya gonna do with em?

  6. damn, i just came in my pants.

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