24 recap: Big Jouma’s House

Recapping two hours of 24 in blow-by-blow fashion would make for a blog post longer than I care to admit, so please forgive me for the brief departure from that format, as I jump around last night’s events.


One of my favorite parts of last nights episodes was how that little drill bored a huge hole in the rock in the minutes between the first hour and the second. And you wanna know how I know they aren’t in Washington, DC? Because there’s a river that runs very close to the White House. I know, suspend belief, and that was the only way to get into the White House without an Ocean’s Thirteen-style drilling underground, but that stuck out like a sore thumb more than the Washington DC Festival.

During the first hour, after Dubaku was killed off, Lady Jack tracks the culprit to where General Jouma has set up camp, ready to launch his attack. Her jumping onto the back of the boat was predictable, but her discovering the target by flipping through various drawings and seeing the White House as if someone sat out front of the building for a few hours with a pencil and paper? Not so predictable. I guess the men needed a reminder of what the building looked like from the front, despite the fact that they’d eventually go in underneath.

Each episode I think Janice can’t get any more annoying, and the next week I’m proven wrong. I wonder whether the directors asked her to be this annoying, or if they just figured that’s what they were going to get when they cast her. So she feels all good about herself for getting Chloe arrested for deleting Ryan Burnett’s name from the list. Meanwhile, I want to slap her.

Speaking of Burnett, Jack tortures him with a stun gun, and nearly gets him to tell him where the next attack will take place before the President’s guys blow the door open (was that really necessary?) and Jack gets arrested himself. Burnett’s lips are now sealed. Perfect.

So the attack happens, a bunch of secret service guys get killed, Lady Jack learns that Jack is inside and Larry acts like a jealous boyfriend over the two of them, Olivia and Aaron get found after Aaron gets shot, and Jouma gets the President to come out of the lockdown when he threatens Olivia. Predictable. Jon Voight is a part of this now, having provided information to Jouma to help him get into the White House in exchange for some sort of shipment. I wonder if Voight is pissed that he never gets to be the good guy anymore.

Next week’s preview showed the good guys queuing up to take the White House back, and some big explosion. You have to figure Jouma lives through it, though many of his men are going to kick the bucket, since we’re not even half way through the day and we’re losing bad guys left and right. You have to wonder whether the President makes it. Or, considering how poor her acting is, maybe that’s just wishful thinking.

24 recap - Big Jouma's House

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  1. I can’t believe the President’s daughter didn’t know morse code. That’s just poor parenting.

  2. A) How come Jouma and his men were not wet nor was their equipment damaged in anyway after swimming in the mythical river, but yet Renee was drenched for the rest of the episode? Not that I minded.

    2) It still didn’t make much sense to delete Burnett’s name from the list. Clearly, no one else was arrested in the episode and Jack was in the same building as him. He still would have had time to torture before anyone else knew. But by deleting it, he got caught. I think the blew the door off to temporarily disable Jack, so he couldn’t fight back.

    • Yeah, the non-wetness was a bit strange to say the least. I didn’t get how soaking Renee wasn’t caught virtually instantly by completely dry mini-Dubaku.

      Had they not dispatched the teams to make arrests? I was envisioning a montage of arrests with person after person in their homes and in their offices being taken in by groups of FBI agents. I remember Larry instructing a bunch of people, but I can’t recall whether they were actually told to move out.

  3. Last night was kind of totally ridiculous.

    FUN, don’t get me wrong… but it was kinda like the 9th installment of the Die Hard movies.

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