24 recap: The Infected

24, baby. You know the drill.
This episode will take us to midnight. Jack is being checked out by the CDC, as well as the truck he drove out of the compound. He’s asked to disrobe, and says that the weapon, when tested on Sangalans, caused dementia and paralysis. He gets scrubbed down like Jules [...]

Emotional Escape Artist

If you’re not watching Important Things with Demetri Martin, you should be.

Nat Necessary

I love beer. As a devoted partier, happy hourer, and tailgater, beer and I have a wonderful relationship. I buy it, consume it, and it makes me drunk. It only makes me want to vomit when I shotgun. I tend to go for the darker variety, but I have nothing against the lighter sort. Excepting [...]

24 recap: Bio doh.

No fuss. We’re off and running with the 24 recap.
Hour 15 begins at Senator 70s Show’s house, and Larry on the phone with Ethan, telling him that the Senator’s dead and they think Jack did it. Ethan gets pissed and throws Larry some how could you let this happen?! guilt, but Larry fights back [...]

Going Mad

It’s that time of year again, when the nation is gripped by March Madness. Video feeds are found online. People take long lunches at ESPNZone. Dummy spreadsheets are created to alt+tab to at work. News reports surface about how many man hours or how much money is lost by companies as a result of employees [...]

24 recap: Jack on the run

We’re back this week with another hour of 24. If you don’t know by now…
We’re back at the hospital with Jack evading the police, FBI, SWAT, INS or whoever is chasing him. Further proving that in and around DC you shouldn’t leave valuables in view, he breaks the window of and steals a car [...]

Sights & Sounds of Shamrockfest

Shamrockfest was a soggy drunkfest, as I expected. Flanked at times by a couple of bloggers and a number of others, this is what transpired.
Dominating Theme #1: Sunglasses
Anyone who looked at the forecast for Saturday as early as 48 hours before Shamrockfest knew that there was at least a 50% chance that it was going [...]

Ruh roh

TMI Thursday: Deepest Blue

I realized the other day that two of my TMI Thursdays thus far have centered around an incident that induced blue balls for yours truly. Despite the fact that two is twice too many, I am soldiering forth and giving you a third blue balls tale. Cross your legs.
Almost Laid-Us
When I think about it, this [...]

Airing of the Awesomeness

For three straight years now I’ve gone to Shamrockfest. I’ve gone from standing in the parking lot of the Super Pollo, holding a styrofoam box of pollo a la brasa in one hand and eating chicken with the other while listening to JunkFood, to dancing my ass off in a DJ tent with assorted blogger [...]