Multiple Choice Monday

That sound you hear is…
A) a pin dropping, since hardly anyone is at work today.
B) I-66 going insane because he is at work today.
C) the trigger being pulled as Jack Bauer kills you.
D) all of the above.

Valentine’s Day flashback

I didn’t have the time nor the forethought to create Bloggentines this year. With 7 hours left to go in Valentine’s Day 2009, there’s still time for you to give your blog crush a Bloggentine from years past. Enjoy.


Yes, today is Friday the 13th. I’m not superstitious, so I won’t be holing up in my house surrounded by pillows and bubble wrap. This isn’t even a post about today; it’s a post about tomorrow. You know what really grinds my gears? Not Valentine’s Day itself, not the fact that it’s a Hallmark holiday, [...]

Saving Face

Alright Facebook, MyFace, or MySpace Jr., or whatever you want to be called. We need to have a little talk. I see that you’re trying to improve yourself. The ability to let people comment on certain postings and statuses as opposed to just posting on the wall seems well received. This whole “Like” thing is [...]

Chris Brown’s Story

So behind this whole Chris Brown/Rihanna drama is the rumor that Chris went all Ike Turner because Rihanna gave him an STD. Now, while I recognize the fact that that is an unsubstantiated rumor, that won’t stop me from taking it and running with it. In 2007 I wrote an Ice Ice Baby parody called [...]

24 recap: Jack’s in the House

Only slightly delayed by Barack Obama’s presser was last night’s episode of 24. As a matter of fact, Obama made from the podium at the strike of 9pm as if he was racing to his living room to watch like the rest of us. Unfortunately, Fox saw fit to subject us to a quick wrapup [...]


- I may’ve said this before, but one of the best parts about an ongoing season of 24 is that it gives me something to look forward to on Mondays. This week should be especially good, as it will evidently be the first time Jack meets the President.
- It was indeed very nice over the weekend, I [...]

TMI Thursday: Built to Spill

We’re back for another installment of TMI Thursday, and this one’s entitled…
Built to Spill
We didn’t really know eachother that well in the grand scheme of things. We hadn’t even been dating that long, but one day, with the family out of town, she came over and I was going to get laid for the very [...]

Decode THIS

My suggestion that seeing He’s Just Not That Into You is more emasculating than seeing the Sex and The City movie sparked a couple of comments to the contrary, and a brief gchat discussion between LiLu and me over the merits of our respective points of view. My perspective is based on the idea that, [...]

Life’s little reminders

Because sometimes you forget that these things happened.

Awkwardness is…
Randomly running into your mother one evening with a girl that she’s never seen nor met before, and then randomly running into your mother again the following morning on the way to brunch with the same girl, wearing the same clothes.