Blogling Participation Day

Yesterday I began a gchat conversation of questionable content. It went like this:

me: rank the following in terms of badness from worst to first: rumors, lucky bar, sign of the whale, front page
Soob: hrm
sign of the whale, rumors, lucky bar, front page

I will save her the indignity of saying which of those she sometimes loves.

To settle things once and for all, I’m turning to you, my trusty and able bloglings, the same who voted Cocoa Pebbles the best chocolaty cereal ever, to answer as you see fit. Which of those bars is the worst? Use your own criteria, be it music, service, clientele, or whatever have you, to define the worst. Voting closes at 12:01am Sunday.

Blogling Participation Day

10 Responses

  1. Hey, don’t diss Rumors. That’s my lunch posse there.

    Though I don’t go there at night so I couldn’t judge the ‘bar’ value.

  2. I find Rumors to be delightfully trashy, as I once witnessed an impromtu wedding there (on my second date with B).

    But Lucky Bar? Yeeeesh.

  3. You know my thoughts on Sign of the Whale. I think I once ended up crying in the bathroom there after being ditched by a guy. It was awesome.

  4. I voted for “Sign of the Whale”….just because. Of course I don’t live there. I just think the name sounds stupid.

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