24 recap: Crashes, gunshots, and slaps

Another Monday, another episode of 24. What last week lacked in happenings, this one did not.


So it doesn’t take long for us to learn that Erika and Sean are in cahoots. It’s hard to believe that these two underlings are in the middle of this conspiracy, but so be it. Erika brings evidence to Sean of him putting out the warrant for Jack and Renee’s arrest, asks what the hell he’s doing, and he explains that he had to do it to secure Dubaku’s exit from the country.

Meanwhile, Marika arrives where Dubaku is waiting and he destroys her cell phone and confronts her betrayal, eventually convincing her, or so we’re made to believe, that he’s not who Jack and Renee say he is, and she goes with him in the car to leave the country. Jack and Renee get released from police custody, hop in a car, and head in pursuit of Dubaku’s car. With Chloe’s tracking and some creative Jack driving, they catch up to Dubaku and a chase ensues. Jack’s car hits another and stops, and Renee gets out to maintain a visual on Dubaku’s car. Inside, Marika climbs over the front seats to impair the driver, causing the car to crash spectacularly. Renee sees it, alerts Jack, and the two of them run to it. The driver gets out groggily and reaches for his weapon, and Jack, weapon already pulled, puts him down Bauer style. Jack drags a still living Dubaku from the wreckage, and sees that the car is on fire as Renee is trying to free Marika and tells her to get out of there before running back to pull her away. She spins and pulls her gun on him and tells him to either back off or help her, because she gave Marika her word that she’d protect her. Jack helps pull Marika from the wreckage as the car explodes. Marika dies, and Dubaku is clinging to life.

At the hospital it is made apparent, if we didn’t already know, that Dubaku dying would also kill the chances of the conspiracy being uncovered. Bill convinces President Taylor to go back to the White House because it’s where she’s safest. Not much happening here.

Back on the street, emergency crews are there, and Dubaku’s on a gurney. Jack threatens the EMTs in an effort to get them to revive Dubaku so Jack can question him. They do, because he’s Jack Fucking Bauer, and Jack threatens Dubaku’s family back in Sangala. Dubaku tells Jack that he has a list of all the conspirators on him before crashing and needing EMT revival. During that process, the EMTs determine that there’s something metal under Dubaku’s skin, and Jack orders them to cut open Dubaku, allowing Jack to pull out a small data storage device. The EMTs haul Dubaku out of there, and Jack alerts Larry of the new data, that he believes it is the list of conspirators, and has it sent to the FBI. Sean overhears the conversation via the tap he has on the phone, and alerts Erika of the problem because they’ll both be on the list. They hatch a plan to hack into the system and reformat it, wiping all the data clean.

By now, Dubaku’s reached the hospital and is in operation. Renee wonders how it can be so easy for Jack to do what is necessary, with the overtones being that it is regardless of who has to die. Meantime, Chloe has the drive in hand and identifies it, saying there is only one shot at downloading it because it will auto-erase. Erika and Sean are in the mainframe room and Erika’s initiating the reformat. As it’s running, Larry and Chloe realize what’s going on, that they’re losing their data, and run to the mainframe room to try to stop it. Sean sees them coming on surveillance and shoots Erika in the midsection before shooting himself in the arm. When Chloe and Larry arrive, Sean pins it all on Erika, says she was acting suspiciously, figured out what she was up to and tried to stop her. He says she shot him, there was a struggle for the gun, and he shot her. Chloe says that the data is gone and unrecoverable, but as Larry and Sean are in what I guess is the FBI’s medical facility, Chloe calls Larry and says (paraphrasing) “I recovered the files, because I’m the shit and can do Chloe things.” Larry tells Sean that she got the files back. Sean feigns contentment, leaves the room, and attempts to flee, knowing that he’s on the list. He gets apprehended in the building and confronted by an angry Larry, who now knows he’s been duped, and Sean wants his lawyer.

Renee is confronted by Rosa who asks where Marika is. Renee tells Rosa that she’s dead, and Rosa blames her. Jack calls Renee away after getting an update from Bill. Jack says it’s over, and Renee says it’s not over for Rosa. Jack says Marika’s death was a tragedy, but it was necessary, and Renee asks whether Jack feels anything, whether he feels the same pain as she does, before slapping him twice in the face, asking if he feels that. He grabs her arm, and she begins crying into his shoulder. Just when I think the Barry White music is about to play, Jack says Renee will learn to live with it. She pushes him away, says maybe she doesn’t want to learn to live with it, and Jack suggests that then she should quit as he walks away. He stops before exiting and says that if she ever pulls a gun on him again, she’d better intend to use it. “I did” she says.

After a lame exchange between the President and her daughter at the White House, Bill, in an effort to get Jack off the hook, asks the President to talk to Senator That 70’s Show Dad (aka: Mayer) about Jack’s hearing, scheduled to resume the next day. The President says she’ll think about it. They give us the feeling that everything is over, but way too early. Last year we got Jack’s phone ringing with a call from she who shall not be named. This year we see Jack sitting in front of the Capitol as Tony appears for the first time in two hours. Tony and Jack have a seemingly untrusting exchange where Tony explains he learned, from his sources, of another attack coming. He doesn’t know where, but it’s going to be big, and Ryan Burnett, chief of staff for Mayer, is involved. We find out that Burnett is the guy who’s been talking to Sean the entire time, and the one who met with Dubaku before his attempted escape. Meantime, Mayer has been called to the White House to meet with the President over the Bauer hearing, and he wants Burnett to come with him. As Burnett is packing up, he receives a message saying that the units are in place and that everything is on schedule.

Next week is a two-hour episode where General Jouma leads an attack on the White House. Guess Tony was right.

24 recap - Crashes, gunshots, and slaps

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  1. OK, was it just me or was the move to give the memory card with EVERYTHING ON IT to a random cop when the government is corrupt the stupidest move Bauer has ever done?

    Oh and I called the blond being a mole 2 weeks ago. LOL

    Oh and Reness is SUCH a whiner. She couldn’t handle one-third the shit Jack Bauer has seen.

    Renee is Bauer In Training. If he’s not going to giggity her, then I’ll certainly do it for him.

    And yes, it was pretty dumb to give it to a random cop, but I guess they had to get it to the FBI somehow. No time to call a courier. You can take credit for calling the blonde, but I’ve been calling Marika’s death for 3 weeks now I think.

  2. I’m hooked, and totally looking forward to next week…

    But yeah, I’m with PQ. There is NO way Jack would have just handed that off to some random cop. Jack’s better than that.

    Glad to see you’re caught up. You’d better strap in for 2 hours. It’s going to get hot under the Snuggie.

  3. When he gave the chip to the cop, me and my brother just YELLED at the TV (We have a tendency to do that…Especially during the seasons when Charles the Douche was president)

    You know, we never actually saw whether Charles Logan died. He got stabbed, the ambulance came and rushed him off, then nothing.

  4. I was thinking the same thing when he gave the chip to the cop, but it sort of makes sense for two reasons:

    1) We knew that Jack and Renee were going to go to the hospital so he had to give it someone else and
    2) As far as everyone knew, DCPD had not been corrupted by Dubaku and they were likely the most trustworthy people that he could give it to.

    True, and 3) There was no other way for the show to get the chip to the FBI in a semi-realistic and expedient fashion.

  5. I bet that Charles is still alive.

    I’m just dying to yell DOUCHEBAG in to the TV so he better make an appearance.

  6. :::messing with the remote:::: OH! Housewives of Orange County. ::::click::::

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