Things I did instead of watching the Oscars

While many of you were absorbed in the Oscars, I searched out more interesting pursuits. You see, for me the only thing less interesting than the Grammys are the Oscars, so last night pretty much anything else would have done the trick. So, in no particular order, what did I do?

- Watch college basketball
- Watch NBA basketball
- Eat cake
- Nap
- Ponder, but not actually do, my laundry
- Walk the dog
- Watch repeat episodes of Entourage
- Watch the video for I’m On A Boat… 3 or 4 times.
- Examine the finer works of Dani Woodward.

I’d say it was a fairly productive night. So what’d I miss?

Things I did instead of watching the Oscars

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  1. I didn’t watch either, but instead of writing a blog post to ask people to tell me what I missed, I went to Apparently Slumdog Millionaire won absolutely everything, except Best Supporting Actor, which went to some dead guy. Also, The Wrestler is playing at the E-Street cinema, and I just saw some dude run a parking-sign in the parking lot of my office building and almost run over my boss.

    Is this the right time to admit that I still haven’t seen Slumdog? And if your boss is unable to work because of getting run over, do all his/her subordinates split his/her salary?

  2. I had a dream I was dating Andy Samberg last night. It was way better than the Oscars.

    But did he take you on a boat?

  3. No, but he may have jizzed in his pants…

    I set ‘em up, you knock ‘em down.

  4. And the sad thing is that even after you finished all those things, the Oscars were still on.

    Freakin’ thing is too damn long.

  5. He wasn’t lying, he really was on a Mother****ing boat.

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