24 recap: Old faces…

The fact that I had to work yesterday may have brought me down a little, but 24 is more than enough to counteract that, even if it was an episode where not a lot of big things happened.


I remain convinced that Henry Taylor is not going to make it. His storyline is done. He knows Roger’s death was murder and so does the President, Gedge and Vossler are dead, and so is Roger’s ex. What more does he have to do? The doctor performing his surgery tells President Taylor that he’s looking at 5 hours of surgery. I think to myself “the President isn’t going to be there for all 5 hours, is she?” before realizing that no, she isn’t, because Henry’s kicking the bucket before that happens. The President tasks Bill with finding someone trustworthy to fetch her estranged daughter Olivia. Bill has more or less become the President’s gopher.

Chloe gets brought into the FBI to help Jack in a car driven by none other than Morris O’Brian. It’s good to see him on screen, even if it’s the last time we see him this season. We also get a glimpse of their child, Prescott, just hanging out in the baby seat in the back. Chloe’s history is somewhat shielded by Larry saying that she was brought in from Homeland, but that’s shattered when Erica, the blonde mistress, tells Janice that Chloe was CTU and that she saw a seminar that Chloe gave. Uh, really? Chloe was suddenly no longer socially awkward enough to give a seminar? I don’t think so, 24. Larry loses out on a pissing contest with Chloe essentially over whether Jack is a good guy, which I think is unofficially the 4th pissing contest he’s lost this season. At this rate he wouldn’t win a pissing contest against a eunuch.

Jack and Renee kick in the door of Marika’s apartment like Jack and Tony would. Marika and Rosa are there, Marika having been convinced by Dubaku to leave the country with him as he flees, no longer having any bargaining chips to get what he wants from the US government. Rosa is trying to stop her. Jack shows Marika who Dubaku really is, and takes on the role of a shrink to talk Marika into talking to Dubaku on the phone while Jack listens. Dubaku’s sending a car to take her to an undisclosed location, and Jack talks Renee into tracking Marika to lead them to Dubaku. Marika agrees. Rosa doesn’t like it, and says “I’m your older sister and I won’t allow it!” She needs to go away, and fast. She was right about Dubaku, sure, but this is ridiculous.

Bill’s man he can trust to pick up Olivia Taylor is… AARON PIERCE! He hasn’t been seen in some time, not since he and Martha Logan seemed to have a little something goin’ on. He convinces Olivia, despite her bitchiness, to come with him when he tells her what happened to her father.

Back at the FBI, Janice, whose meddling is out of control and beyond irritating, is worried that Chloe’s been brought in to replace her, so she gets help from Sean to listen in on what Larry and Chloe are doing as a means of determining her own job security. Larry and Chloe are aiding Jack and Renee in tracking Marika to Dubaku. Janice listens in and disconnects from the feed when someone else walks into the server room where she’s hiding, and when she does that it temporarily disconnects Larry and Chloe from Marika’s location. The tracking comes back quickly but Chloe learns that there was someone listening in, and Larry looks around the room to see if he can figure out who it is. I have a feeling that Marika is going to blow this and end up dead. The one who gets warned about the bad boyfriend and ignores it always does. Suddenly Metro PD is all around Jack and Renee, setting up a roadblock. They arrest them both on a warrant that was issued by the FBI. Jack appeals to Larry to fix the situation, and Larry gets on the phone with Metro PD to try to pull the warrants. It is now when we learn that Sean, who seemed too dirty to be dirty, is actually the FBI mole and has been tapping Larry’s phone, as he tells one of Dubaku’s cohorts that he took care of Jack and Renee, and that they were using Marika to get to Dubaku. Dubaku gets a call saying that Marika has been turned, and is told he should leave now and get out of the country. He says he wants to wait for her and deal with her himself.

Next week’s preview shows that Jack and Renee get away from Metro PD and continue pursuit of Marika, who ends up in the hands of and in the car of Dubaku before causing his car to wreck. There’s a scene where Renee has some sort of breakdown and asks Jack hysterically whether he feels the same pain that she does before slapping him a few times. First of all, for this scene to have happened I’m willing to bet that it’s because someone died (Henry?). Second of all, are Jack and Renee going to makeout now?

Old faces...

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  1. Sean definitely did seem too dirty to be dirty…and when we found out that he was the mole, all I could think was “Billy fucking Walsh! You dirty bastard!”

    Yes! I actually typed out “Billy ‘The Mole’ Walsh?!?” when it became clear.

    Yes. I write out my thoughts during the episodes sometimes. There’s nothing wrong with it!

  2. I can’t BELIEVE you had to work yesterday. Communists.

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