Blogling Participation Day

Yesterday I began a gchat conversation of questionable content. It went like this:
me: rank the following in terms of badness from worst to first: rumors, lucky bar, sign of the whale, front page
Soob: hrm
sign of the whale, rumors, lucky bar, front page
I will save her the indignity of saying which of those she sometimes loves.
To [...]

TMI Thursday: Head me off at the pass

TMI Thursday is back again this week. Most people tend to remember their first time for a lot of things. The first time they got drunk, their first kiss, the first time they got laid. This story…
Head Trauma
…is about the first time I got head.
She went to another high school. I can’t remember how we [...]

Me vs. You

Comedy Central’s newest Wednesday show, airing at 10:30pm just before The Daily Show, is Important Things with Demetri Martin. I was a little concerned about how his standup would translate to a 30 minute TV show, but it ends up being pretty good. Below is a song called Me vs. You from last week’s show. [...]

24 recap: Crashes, gunshots, and slaps

Another Monday, another episode of 24. What last week lacked in happenings, this one did not.
So it doesn’t take long for us to learn that Erika and Sean are in cahoots. It’s hard to believe that these two underlings are in the middle of this conspiracy, but so be it. Erika brings evidence to [...]

Things I did instead of watching the Oscars

While many of you were absorbed in the Oscars, I searched out more interesting pursuits. You see, for me the only thing less interesting than the Grammys are the Oscars, so last night pretty much anything else would have done the trick. So, in no particular order, what did I do?
- Watch college basketball
- Watch NBA basketball
- Eat [...]

Happy Hour Rewind

So yes, I went to the happy hour on Friday night. There were a few new faces, and many familiar ones. Here’s what I can tell you:
- When you have a hunch that people will be gathering out by the heat lamps, it’s a good idea to follow that hunch.
- It probably would have been better for [...]

Race carded

I’ve always found interesting the means by which strangers begin interaction with one another. It can be a head nod on the street between two men in passing, an “excuse me” because you dropped your metro card, or launching into a question without any sort of pleasantry, but everyone has their polite or rude way [...]

TMI Thursday: Coitus Interruptus

I took an inadvertent break from TMI Thursday last week, posting without recalling that it was Thursday, so I filed this one away for this week.
Sex: Interrupted
Anyone who’s lived at home, as in with their parent(s), during a time of sexual activity knows that you really only have two options when you want to do [...]

At least it isn’t painful

I-66 is lamenting that the snow is here but not sticking, therefore…
I-66: this is useless
k: what? the snow?
I-66: yes
it’s like… blue balls.
k: would love to hear how they relate?
I-66: you get all excited because it’s coming, and then in the end there’s nothing sticky.

24 recap: Old faces…

The fact that I had to work yesterday may have brought me down a little, but 24 is more than enough to counteract that, even if it was an episode where not a lot of big things happened.
I remain convinced that Henry Taylor is not going to make it. His storyline is done. He [...]