First of all, it’s SNOWING!! I just wanted to get that out there.

As usual, I feel obligated to do this for the DVR users out there…


One of the biggest questions I have after last night’s episode is this: How did Tony alert Bill and Chloe as to where Renee was buried? I think Emerson would’ve noticed Tony making that call, no? Ah well, either way Renee was rescued and injected with a shot of adrenaline to make her come to. As someone who is a big fan of Pulp Fiction, I expected her to come right out of it, even if Bill wasn’t administering a 3-count before the injection. Instead, her transition from dead to alive was a little more gentle. Small detail. I don’t even know how someone reacts to an adrenaline shot to the heart.

Speaking of gentle, Jack showed his most gentle side by asking Renee how she was doing, and she replied with more restraint than I would’ve had I just been shot, even if only knicked, by Jack at point blank range. Jack and Renee would make a more appealing couple than Renee and Larry, who is hanging on by a thread, frazzled by the suggestion that Renee “was” anything. Poor guy. Doesn’t he realize what he’s up against here? Relationships not involving Jack don’t work on 24. Bill and Chloe’s respective significant others have disappeared between seasons and haven’t been mentioned once. Michelle was killed out front of her and Tony’s place. Miles got shot in the head saving Nadia. Jack killed Paul Raines, who was Audrey’s husband. If Renee’s going to get it on with anyone it’s going to be Jack. Yeah, you could argue that the Jack and Audrey relationship was both awful and didn’t work, but at least neither of them is dead (at least physically anyway), and it spanned more than one season. Besides, if Jack can make a woman still love him after killing her husband, Larry Moss doesn’t have a chance if he sets his sights on Renee. I’m just saying. Jack has at least one instance of success. Everyone else? Not so much.

Moving on, I was convinced that Henry Taylor was going to die, up until the moment that he could clinch his fist. Massive miscalculation by the secret service dude, whose name slips my mind. It’s immaterial now because he’s dead, but how do you drop the ball on that one? Not putting enough junk in his coffee that it’ll sedate him long enough to kill him? Amateur. Of course, now Taylor’s in the apartment with two dead people, one of whom died of knife wounds caused by a knife with his fingerprints on it, and there’s a bad guy waiting outside the building, who will think something’s up eventually if his guy doesn’t check in.

Next week it appears that CTU Light storms the Dubaku hideaway. I say there’s a 100% chance that Dubaku gets away. At least we will probably get to see a serious firefight. I’m looking forward to that, and you should be too.


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  1. I laugh everytime I hear Renee call Jack a “son of a bitch”. She just can’t pull it off.

    You’re right. Still, she can call me whatever the hell she wants.

  2. Thanks for the alert. We’re only up to noon…

  3. I would love to be captured by Tony and Jack — sigh in love with both

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