Snow din

I don’t mean to get anybody’s hopes up, but I’m a little excited about the winter storm watch that’s been issued for the DC area from Tuesday evening through Wednesday morning. As a professed lover of snow, I’ve just been waiting to see the stuff in any sort of volume beyond a flurry. Do I think the apocalypse is coming, and that we’ll be snowbound for a week with this? No. In fact, the estimates I’ve seen have ranged from “a dusting to two inches” to “one to three inches,” and I wouldn’t at all be surprised if we didn’t get any at all. Maybe the snowy cloud pictures came up on both the weatherman’s dice this morning, so they felt comfortable saying that there’s a 100% chance of snow Tuesday night.

One thing is for sure, and that’s the fact that I’m screwed for groceries for a couple of days. You see, I’m out of orange juice, almost out of Mountain Dew, and I could go for some spicy sweet chili Doritos. Still, the chances of me going to the store are slim at this point, because I know that in addition to the fact that tonight is the night is the night of love, tonight is also the night when everyone will go to the store to stock up for the coming nuclear holocaust and buy 10 rolls of paper towels, 4 gallons of milk, 24 rolls of toilet paper, and 60 bottles of water for their underground shelters, despite the fact that they’d never use all of that stuff in the time they’d be “trapped” in their houses if we got a whole foot of snow. It’s ridiculous, ricockulous, and rischlongulous, but it certainly isn’t reediculous.

Snow din

Regardless of whether it’s half an inch or three inches, I’m still going to be a little giddy about it all. I’m not going to go to the store, but would you pick something up for me?

Snow din

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  1. Oh I would love some snow. If it is going to be this cold we may as well have some white stuff.

    Are you just tempting me with an opportunity to say “that’s what she said” to see what I’d do? Well I’m not biting!…

  2. “…I’m not biting!”


    Don’t think for one moment that that wasn’t deliberate. Haha!

  3. Oh pleasepleasepleasepleaseplease!!!

  4. These are the days that I like living in the City. Because i wont have to deal with all that nasty traffic on 66, 395, 95 or 495! Good luck

  5. it just might be redic, though.

  6. I think we have a whole three inches on the ground and the entire city has lost its mind. Gotta love snow preparedness-challenged DC.

    By the way, the 3 inches stat is wishful thinking on my part. I’ve been trapped in the office and for all I know, it stopped snowing at 10 am this morning. Le sigh.

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