Taking a toll

The following is a warning to those who travel the Dulles Toll Road. Big brother is watching.

It looks like these days jumping the toll will get you a letter in the mail calling for payment of the tolls you skipped, and a $25 admin fee. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve either purposefully or accidentally breezed through the EZ Pass lanes without paying. Most of the time it’s accidental, like when I’m driving a car that isn’t mine and doesn’t have EZ Pass in it, or these most recent times when I was driving my own car with an EZ Pass in it that didn’t have any funds left on it because I cancelled the auto-refresh when I moved into DC. Shit happens. Only now do I actually get caught, and have to pay a total of $26.50 for two tolls missed. So be it.

I accept my punishment as it was my own absentmindedness that got me in trouble. Let this be a lesson to the rest of you who’ve thought that the cameras weren’t watching. They are.

Taking a toll

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  1. Reasons like this I am glad I don’t drive… I expect there will be a lot more of things like this over the next decade. Hi, Big Brother!

  2. I am always afraid to use the EZ Pass on road trips…

  3. and dont think that because you are in a rental car and forgot to hold up your ez pass..that you will get away with it either…
    …yikes…. they got me too!!

  4. Ugh, this sounds very similar to the speeding cameras that have caught me a half dozen time in DC. Not so pleased…

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