Comcast update

After completing Saturday night’s post about the Comcast debacle, I ended up taking much of that which might be perceived as hyperbole out of it and sending it to Comcast as a summary of events. Yesterday I got a phone call from a Comcast rep. He apologized for what happened, made sure all was well with all things Comcast on my end, and said he would send me free pay per view coupons. Additionally he gave me his office number to call in the event that something like that happened again.

Saturday night may have been a poor showing, but let it be said that they’re trying to make it right.

Comcast update

3 Responses

  1. I still hate comcast.

    C’mon. They have redeemed themselves at least somewhat here.

  2. They have redeemed themselves at least somewhat here.

    Only for you. As far as I’m concerned, they’re still what spawned the Devil.

  3. Have I mentioned how much I hate Comcast? Even if they gave you coupons, they are still evil.

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