24 – Bury her.

And so begins the one-hour-per-week portion of the program, where we were on sensory overload from 2 hours per night for 2 consecutive nights, and now must get used to just 60 minutes. I can take it.


Well, if you didn’t get the idea that the agent dude with the President’s husband all the time was dirty, there’s all the idea you need. Killing the guy, the girl, and then making it look like a murder suicide? Was that really necessary? And how’d he know where to find the key if it wasn’t really his friend’s apartment? Oh well, you know those responsible are getting their asses cooked before the end of the show.

Speaking of dirty, it looks like Billy Walsh (aka: Sean on the show) is dirty too, just not corruption dirty. Looks like he engaged in a little office hanky panky, but you gotta hand it to him for maintaining loyalty to his wife. Probably out of guilt. Of course, they only referenced “last night,” so we can only presume that they got it on. In reality, they could’ve just been a really kickass Catch Phrase team. Who knows?

I was a little upset to not get to see “With all due respect, Madam President, ask around” this week, but I’m really looking forward to Jack delivering that line. On the flipside, if you’re Renee Walker, do you really believe him when he tells you to trust him and he’ll get you out of this alive? How about when he and Tony are throwing dirt on you? Do you still believe him? Yeah, he only grazed you with that bullet, but he still is potentially sentencing you to death. I can’t figure out whether the plastic between her and the dirt is helping her. My guess is that next week after Tony either kills Emerson or he escapes, Jack tells the FBI where to find Renee, and she lives (well, we know she lives).

I’m becoming less convinced that Larry’s dirty, which is unfortunate because that’d make a great twist. I still think that Sean calling in under Larry’s name to have his wife’s plane landed will come back to get Larry in the end.

24 - Bury her.

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  1. ive missed sooo much i’ll prob just have to wait for the season dvd…:-(

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