I’m feelin’ like a Monday cuz Comcast killed my Saturday night

7:48pm – Called Comcast to deactivate non-essential channel tiers to save money. Call duration: 6:04

7:59pm - Realized that internet was not operational. Figuring that something occurred when the changes were made to my cable lineup, reset the modem and took the dog for a walk.

8:19pm – Internet still not working, called Comcast again. Among troubles encountered: Cable box and modem were on same outlet; rate code for my internet could not be found. Call duration: 1:11:42 (yes, 1 hour, 11 minutes, 42 seconds)

9:31pm – Realized that the two soccer channels on the sports tier, which I still receive, were not coming in had the nerve to display a message suggesting that I subscribe to them. Considered hurtling myself from my balcony, but determined that the fall would probably not kill me. Grabbed my phone.

9:31pm - Called Comcast. The agent suspected that something might be wrong with the box because it evidently was not properly receiving the signal, and asked if I wanted her to schedule a technician visit if refreshing the signal did not work. I asked how soon a tech could be here, and she told me Thursday. I nearly lost it but I enhanced my calm as in Demolition Man and explained through my teeth that I had just been on the phone for over an hour fixing another problem, my cable was working just fine less than 2 hours before, all that had changed was the removal of channel tiers, and that me having to wait until Thursday to have what I wanted was unfathomable. She placed me on hold to talk to another person to see what could be done. She came back minutes later and told me that the sports tier had been placed on another outlet that I did not actually have, and moved it back to the proper outlet. The channels came in fine. Call duration: 17:23

10:09pm – Realized that internet was not operational. Considered drinking every ounce of booze on my counter, but determined that it was not enough for me to die of liver failure. Grabbed my phone.

10:10pm – Called Comcast. Explained the situation and all the previous phone calls to the agent. Among troubles encountered: Cable was on multiple outlets and shared one with the modem, modem was not recognized (despite me having given the mile-long serial number, among other numbers, to the tech on the 8:19pm call). Technician fixes whatever needs to be fixed, stays with me on the phone while I make sure all is working as it should be, and has a sense of humor when my response to his question about whether I’d like to participate in a 30 second survey about his service is “nothing personal, but I think I’ve spent enough time on the phone with you guys tonight.” I wonder briefly why the other agents didn’t ask me to take the same survey, and then realize that, with the exception of the first agent (at the time), they would not have wanted my answers. Call duration: 16:37

10:30pm – Mentally exhausted, irritable, my phone nearly dead and charging, I decide against going out to the bars, open a beer, and lay down on the sofa before deciding to blog this to chronicle the events. For the record:

Calls to Comcast: 4
Aggregate time spent on the phone: 1 hour, 31 minutes, 46 seconds
(or 1 minute 46 seconds more than an NFL playoff game with two full overtime periods)
Net gain: A couple less tiers on my cable package
How much of it makes sense, measured by percentage: 0
Appeal of switching to another cable/internet provider after tonight, represented by X and measured by percentage: 100 > X > 75

I'm feelin' like a Monday cuz Comcast killed my Saturday night

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  1. Comcast is truly the devil. We tried so desperately to get Verizon Fios, but it’s not offered yet where we live. (Sigh.) I have lived this saga many a time.

  2. i told them once….
    “wait! i have to make a drink..are you happy now you have driven me to drinking!”
    …and then he said…umm now i have to give you to the supervisor…lol…if only i had known id have told them i was gonna get drunk far earlier in the convo…
    sorry for the aggravation sugar…

  3. About two years ago I went through something similiar with Comcast…long calls for days, never showing for the repairs, until finally after day three I drove to Comcast and plopped my Aunt Fanny outside a supervisor’s office. An hour later…hello service truck.

  4. Great article thx a lot!

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