TMI Thursday: Bone Tugs-n-Comedy

Well well well, if it isn’t TMI Thursday again. I’ve not participated the last two weeks, but I’m jumping back in with two feet. This week’s installment is entitled…
Bone Tugs-n-Comedy
Once upon a time, I had a virgin girlfriend. At the time, our road map to Penetration Station was littered with detours to Fingerville and Dryhump [...]

Deliver me from this delivery

Something terrible has slowly begun taking over food delivery at my building. Lately pizza and chinese food delivery people have arrived at the building, stood on the outside or in the lobby, and called me to ask me to come down to the lobby to meet them.
Excuse me?
I order delivery so I don’t have to [...]


First of all, it’s SNOWING!! I just wanted to get that out there.
As usual, I feel obligated to do this for the DVR users out there…
One of the biggest questions I have after last night’s episode is this: How did Tony alert Bill and Chloe as to where Renee was buried? I think Emerson [...]

Snow din

I don’t mean to get anybody’s hopes up, but I’m a little excited about the winter storm watch that’s been issued for the DC area from Tuesday evening through Wednesday morning. As a professed lover of snow, I’ve just been waiting to see the stuff in any sort of volume beyond a flurry. Do I [...]

Taking a toll

The following is a warning to those who travel the Dulles Toll Road. Big brother is watching.
It looks like these days jumping the toll will get you a letter in the mail calling for payment of the tolls you skipped, and a $25 admin fee. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve either purposefully [...]

Something about responsibility?

Watching the Inauguration from the warm and toasty confines of the interior of a building, I was stunned by the Aretha Franklin performance. It wasn’t the ridiculous bow on her head that got me, but the troubling lack of quality of My Country Tis of Thee. The tempo of the singing didn’t seem to match [...]

Comcast update

After completing Saturday night’s post about the Comcast debacle, I ended up taking much of that which might be perceived as hyperbole out of it and sending it to Comcast as a summary of events. Yesterday I got a phone call from a Comcast rep. He apologized for what happened, made sure all was well [...]

24 – Bury her.

And so begins the one-hour-per-week portion of the program, where we were on sensory overload from 2 hours per night for 2 consecutive nights, and now must get used to just 60 minutes. I can take it.
Well, if you didn’t get the idea that the agent dude with the President’s husband all the time [...]


Today I am not one of the lucky ones. I am not among the masses walking toward the Capitol. I’m not sitting at home on my couch, observing on TV. I am in front of a computer. I am at work.
To be fair, had I the day off I would not be walking down [...]

I’m feelin’ like a Monday cuz Comcast killed my Saturday night

7:48pm – Called Comcast to deactivate non-essential channel tiers to save money. Call duration: 6:04
7:59pm – Realized that internet was not operational. Figuring that something occurred when the changes were made to my cable lineup, reset the modem and took the dog for a walk.
8:19pm – Internet still not working, called Comcast again. Among troubles [...]