Points: The Return

Okay, here’s the deal. Back before I became a blogging elitist, in the week or so prior to a bloggers’ happy hour, I’d offer up a bunch of I-66 Points. Based mostly around pop culture, points were earned by identifying the movie and character based on a movie quote, or identifying the song title and [...]

Pointed observation

With the passing of Thanksgiving Day, and summarily the passing of Thanksgiving dinner, we’ve entered the portion of year that I like to call the Blogging Doldrums. People are traveling, or have people visiting. People are trying to finish up that project or those projects before the year ends. People are shopping. People are too [...]

Reunited and it feels so good

I’m not sure where I am or what I’m doing here, but I’m pretty sure I’m supposed to be home sleeping right now. I mean, that’s pretty much what’s been going on at this point of the past four days, so why should it be any different this morning? Ah well, I guess the utopia [...]