Let the record show that we were both at work

Drunk friends can be fun, especially when they get back to work from a lunch that included a few glasses of wine.

I-66: so wait, how much wine did you have?
DD: some
I-66: don’t be coy, DD.
DD: some glasses
4 maybe?
I-66: lightweight.
DD: middle of the day-weight
I-66: DD, that doesn’t make any sense.
the time of day has nothing to do with your ability to hold your liquor
I-66: explain then.
DD: well
if you are drunk at home
you feel natural
if you are drunk at work
you dont feel natural
and thus, feel more awkward
and thus, more drunk
I-66: so on a scale of 1-10, 10 being the most, how awkward do you feel right now?
DD: 3 now
5 earlier
I-66: btw: i disagree with your explanation
and will probably blog this part of the conversation

Let the record show that we were both at work

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