How well do you know your I-66?

When we were walking to our second venue of Friday night, we were approached by a pair of ladies that I believe to have been mother and daughter, one of whom asked whether we knew where the “S & M Grill” was. We simultaneously reached for our phones to find this mythical restaurant and I did not immediately get results (because it’s the M & S Grill). I made one of the following remarks at the end of the interaction:

a) I’m sorry, I have no idea where that is.
b) I don’t think they actually eat at S & M Grill.
c) Did you bring your hwip?

For 3 I-66 points, which remark was it? Take into account all the information at hand before answering. How well do you know your I-66? Individuals present at the time are not permitted to answer. You know who you are.

How well do you know your I-66?

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  1. I’m going to go with number two, because I think you enjoy scatalogical humor just *that* much.

  2. Do you mean whip? Do you speak in typo?

    I say two.

  3. B. For sure, you perv.

    Although, who said C? H-wip? I love pronouncing “wh” with an unnecessary emphasis on the “h”!

  4. I’m going to go against the grain and say A), to be different, and also bc, EFF THE TOURISTS.

  5. The answer is indeed B. Points to Snay for being first.

    I’m surprised nobody went with C. The Family Guy much?

  6. I also agree with LiLu’s answer.

  7. B!

    Oh wait, what? I COUNT, DAMMIT.

    You seem to have forgotten that you were the one who gave them the right address.

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