Weekend Pros & Cons

PRO: Seeing a bunch of awesome bloggers on Friday night

PRO: Proving that my powers of cajoling know no bounds

CON: Proving that I can be cajoled into things, like walking long distances in the cold, just as easily

PRO: My outstanding bathroom line leapfrogging abilities

PRO: Italian Voyage

CON: Not remembering what each thing we ate was

CON: Wandering around the vicinity of Metro Center in fruitless search of a cab

PRO: Eventually finding a cab…

CON: …in Chinatown

CON: Florida in the National Championship Game

PRO: Oklahoma keeping Texas out

CON: All the “but Texas beat Oklahoma” bitching that seemed to ignore the fact that Texas lost to Texas Tech, who Oklahoma beat, as if that Texas beat Oklahoma was all that mattered

PRO: The Cowgirls and the Giants losing on the same day

CON: The Redskins falling behind seemingly before the coin toss and never recovering

PRO: Deciding to attend the Bloggerational Ball

CON: Heading back to work

Weekend Pros & Cons

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  1. yeah, yeah. where are the points for this week?

    Patience. I’m formulating.

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