Phoned it in

You know what I hate? I hate when I call somewhere, explain a situation and ask a question, and get transferred to someone else who should be able to help, only the person transferring the call doesn’t tell the next person what the problem is, so I have to repeat myself. And heaven forbid I get transferred again, because that likely will lead to me having to explain myself a third time. And you know what? I can tell immediately when I’m going to have to repeat myself because you say “let me transfer you to…” and the phone starts ringing immediately. That means you’re wiping your hands of me and throwing me to someone else to make me their problem.

I’ve worked in an inbound call center. A busy inbound call center. I know that people get frustrated when they have to explain themselves over and over again, and that sometimes they go through long drawn out stories to get to the point, not knowing that they could have said a few key words to the person on the other end to get across the same idea. Do you know how nice it feels to be transferred to someone after explaining your problem and having someone answer and say “…I understand you’re looking for…” or the like? It makes me think “okay, these people have their shit together and will be able to help” instead of “here we go again.” So seriously, would it be that hard to brief the next person and give them the condensed story so time and breath isn’t wasted? Evidently that’s too much to ask.

Phoned it in

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  1. We are all lazy and trying to do the least work possible. Welcome to a long life of frustrations, friend.

  2. You are so correct… That is a huge frustration! I try to only call for help when I really need it to spare me.

  3. I hate when I call my bank or my insurance company, I get prompted to enter all sorts of account numbers and passcodes, and then when I get to talk to someone, they have no idea who I am and I have to give them that information all over again.

    What was the f’ing point of me typing it in the first place? Just to make sure I was really committed to this phone call?

  4. That is so true and it annoys me to know end. The AT&T is probably the worst at this for me. They’ve become such a machine that it takes you forever to get to the person who can help you. But when people call, they usually are calling for complicated situations so it sucks to have to repeat that complexity over and over again. But by the time you get to the last person, I’ve definitely gotten the story down and not so drawn out.

  5. The worst is when, AFTER you’ve explained the whole scenario, you conveniently get “dropped” and have to do it all over again.


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