Reunited and it feels so good

I’m not sure where I am or what I’m doing here, but I’m pretty sure I’m supposed to be home sleeping right now. I mean, that’s pretty much what’s been going on at this point of the past four days, so why should it be any different this morning? Ah well, I guess the utopia of the four day weekend is over, and with it came one anticipated event.

The reunion.

I expected it to be well-planned and produced, and, despite the obvious difficulties in tracking everyone down, it was. I expected people to cluster together in more or less the same sort of social circles as existed in high school, and for the most part that was the case. I expected to be blown away by the appearance of one person, and shocked by the appearance of one other (I’ll let you discern which is good and which is bad), and I was. I didn’t, however, expect to be reminded by so many people that it had been ten years since we graduated. It became the somewhat awkward conversation starter that was only really employed if the two people conversing were mere acquaintances back then.

All told, I’m glad I went, but there wasn’t very much unexpected. The sub-story of the night is that a few of my boys, who I don’t get to hang with as often as I should, had an excuse to get together before and after the event. After the boozing we went to IHOP, and it felt much like old times. That alone made it all worth it. As time moves on, we move apart a little, and grow apart a little. And even though you know that you’ll never live just blocks from one another again, when you get to raise a few glasses together, even if only once a year or once every few months, it feels like you still do.

Reunited and it feels so good

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  1. My ten year is next year. I haven’t been to RI in 9 yrs…I still don’t think I will go.

    Sure? But you could be in the “blown away by” category.

  2. I got a Facebook e-mail for my 10 year reunion next year. Freaked me out I tell you. But, like you, I look forward to seeing people I’ve lost touch with. And to laugh at people. I’m such a judgemental bitch.

    Please, Jo. You’re one of the least bitchy people I’ve met.

  3. I’ll go, to point and laugh. And the free booze. I heart free booze…

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