It’s New Year’s Eve, and my hunch is that you’ll be able to hear a pin drop in the blogosphere today. After all, what sucker has to work today and Friday? I mean, that’s a ridiculous thought, that someone would only have New Year’s Day off.
Uh, I-66, I believe that would be you.
Oh. Yeah.
So, as [...]

Hu Flung… Pee?

Man accused of ramming wheelchair into officer
CINCINNATI (AP) — A 45-year-old paraplegic rammed his wheelchair into an officer, threw urine from his catheter bag a patrol car and spat at the officer, police said Sunday. Ralph Evegan was arrested on charges of assaulting a police officer, obstructing official business, resisting arrest and disorderly conduct.
Evegan’s lawyer [...]


It’s been 12 years, I think, but it feels like less than that. Twelve years have passed since the weekend when my mother packed up the kids and left my father. Since then, he and I, once very close, have grown apart. I used to drive by a Starbucks, see his very recognizeable car parked [...]

The Drunk People Exhibit

I recently took my younger sister on her first DC bar-hopping journey. Since she turned 21 she’s spent most of her time away from here so she never really got the chance to experience the well-known DC watering holes, so she turned to me. It was a pretty standard evening that ended with empanadas and [...]

Is this thing on?

It’s Christmas Eve, and I’m in the office. Is anyone else out there in the same predicament?
In any case, Merry Christmas to everyone. I hope Santa brings you everything you desire. I leave you with a little Robot Chicken Christmas-ness to brighten your day.


I wasn’t home on Saturday night, and I hadn’t set the DVR to record, so I only this morning learned of the Kanye West “lip syncing” event. After seeing various video clips, I think something needs to be established: That wasn’t lip syncing, he just can’t sing. Kanye West is a number of things. He’s [...]

I-66 Points: Back to school

Christmas is a scant three days hence, and I still have one gift to acquire, and I haven’t wrapped a thing. I’m not letting that stress me out though, since I know people who are worse off than I am. Instead, I’m in even more of a giving mood.
One thing that really grinds my gears [...]


Hey you. Yes you, the person whose phone just rang. You probably picked that ringtone because you like it, but the fact that the phone rang and you frantically searched for it without looking in your pockets or purse or wherever you keep it so you could stop it from ringing before checking to see [...]

TMI Thursday: Brown out

It’s TMI Thursday again, and as my mother once told me “they” used to say, I’ve got the poop. It’s actually a story I’ve told in short form in comments around the blogosphere, but has never really gotten it’s due.
Clog Day Afternoon
For a long time, I considered myself to be living in bliss. Since I [...]

Unnatural progression

I can’t say I’m surprised by this. It was the next [il]logical step in the evolution of communication.
Australia OKs Facebook for serving lien notice
CANBERRA, Australia – You’ve been “superpoked” — and served. A court in Australia has approved the use of Facebook, a popular social networking Web site, to notify a couple that they lost [...]