My family convened for dinner at Brasserie Beck on Sunday night. It was a time of celebration, gift opening, and champagne. It was just a tad different the next day.

I left my place yesterday at about 10am to go to the hospital. I would not return for 12 hours. Upon my arrival I met my sisters while they ate, and then went up to see my mother pre-operation. I met the surgeon who would be performing the first of two procedures and got an explanation as to what actually would be happening. I fought off tears (with moderate success) as my mother gave us the “I’ve lived the life I wanted to” just-in-case speech. I went to the waiting room. I busied myself alternately with a movie on my computer, music, texts and emails on my phone, and my shiny new PSP. We were given a pager that would beckon when there was news – the first of which came after the first operation. The surgeon told us that the cancer was found in a lymph node and that a couple more were removed for testing, we wouldn’t know results for a few days, and that the chances of chemo being required were now slightly higher. We chewed on that as we went back to waiting for the 2nd procedure to be completed.

At about 6:30 we met the 2nd surgeon who told us that the procedure went well. Finally at around 8:30 we got the word that she was being moved from recovery to her private room. We went up and saw her wheeled in and visited for awhile before going home to begin the waiting game.

Sitting in a waiting room doing little can still be exhausting, and I’m feeling it this morning. I’ve got an 18-flavor popcorn sampler from The Popcorn Factory sitting on the counter, along with a Keurig one-cup coffee maker. I’ve got laundry and dishes to do, and a puppy running around knocking things over while wearing a beaten up lampshade on meds for the post-neutering pain and the blood in his urine. I’ve got a couple of days to reset myself before Thanksgiving.


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  1. The waiting is hard, but I am glad to hear that things went pretty smoothly yesterday.

  2. Thinking of you and yours… {hug}

  3. I hope the results are positive, and that despite the waiting game you’re doing okay. Thanks for the update.

  4. Wow. Here’s hoping things turn out alright…

  5. Thinking of you this holiday, dear.

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