A little more upbeat

Things aren’t all emotional and shit around here. There’s more.

Okay, I haven’t finished watching it yet. I was at dinner while the DVR was working. I got about an hour into it yesterday before leaving for the hospital. It’s good to see Jack hasn’t lost his ability to kill people or resist torture. This will whet the appetite for the full-season return in January, even if Janeane Garofalo is evidently appearing in all 24 episodes (according to IMDB). Please to provide more Annie Wersching as Renee Walker.

Spoiler protection: Highlight text in blank area to see.
I actually was surprised by the end of the episode. I always felt like they’d evntually explore the angle where Vince fires E, but then they brought him back just before the end. C’mon, where’s the suspense? At any rate, the usual waiting to see whether the new season starts with the filming of the Scorsese movie, or just after the movie films. Either way, it was a good season, especially after the last one.

The Haul
Birthday gifts received: Aforementioned coffee maker, PSP (+ multiple games), and popcorn sampler (with flavors such as ranch, buffalo ranch, garlic & asiago, cinnamon, chocolate, smores, and your basics like caramel, white cheddar, kettle), plus Season 11 of The Simpsons on DVD, a bunch of additional coffee flavors as well as a filter so I can brew my own coffee one cup at a time, a Target gift card, and hangover lunch courtesy of a blogger who is incredibly tolerant of my singing along to oldies… I think that’s it so far.

If I weren’t probably already going to hell, that I think it’s funny when my dog indiscriminately smashes into things with his lampshade on would make it a definite. And it’s like he doesn’t know what’s going on. He tries to fit in gaps that he can barely fit through regularly, only now his lampshade stops him, so he backs up and tries it again. Eventually I take pity on him and distract him with something else. Really I can’t wait for him to have it off so he can stop looking so pitiful.

4 Days
That’s the weekend, by the way. Can you see me pumping my fist? No? How about now? For the record, the schedule:

Thursday: Make pumpkin cake, take it to Refugees’ Thanksgiving (note: not The Aunt’s)
Friday: 10 Year High School Reunion
Saturday: ???
Sunday: Redskins v. Giants.


A little more upbeat

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  1. Saturday: Recuperate from turkey and booze hangover.

    Ha… not really what I had in mind.

  2. Buffalo ranch popcorn makes me feel pukey.

    I should totally try it for So Good.

    That can be arranged.

  3. I was totally thinking about you while I was watching 24–Jack’s back, baby!!! IM me when you’re finished watching, we can gab gab gab.

  4. Are those tv shows or movies or something?

  5. Is Jack Bauer still able to shout demands at people who resist his requests? (“WHO DO YOU WORK FOR??” “OPEN THAT GATE!!!” “WHERE IS THE BOMB!!?” “GET ME A SANDWICH NOW!!!”)

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