My incredibly productive Saturday

And by “incredibly productive”, I mean not really productive at all. What I did:

- Purchased copious amounts of booze

- Got IDed at ABC store, causing an older gentleman buying booze the next register over to jokingly ask why he didn’t get IDed

- Bought the necessary ingredients and kitchenware to make pumpkin cake for Refugees’ Thanksgiving

- The dishes

- Decided that I should try the pumpkin cake recipe by making an entire cake

- Executed plan

- Discovered that two 9″ cake pans, purchased at the same time from the same manufacturer can differ slightly in diameter

My incredibly productive Saturday

- Captured the moment where puppycam watching was taken to a whole other level

- Sampled cake

- Had a woman step all the way onto the elevator before looking up and realizing that I was standing directly in front of her waiting to get off at that floor

- Spread the pumpkin cake gospel

- Saw the crappiest, most confusing, award winning movie that I’ve ever seen.

- Ate more cake before bed.

My incredibly productive Saturday

4 Responses

  1. That movie was pure genius and you know it.

    We only saw it because you weren’t in an American Gangster mood! I blame you.

  2. How could you ever be in a Not American Gangster Mood?? That movie was the shiz.

    For saying “the shiz,” I hereby order you to watch Bella.

  3. Cake is good for the soul. When you’re 80 and someone asks what your secret is for maintaining your youthful looks, you can say, “pumpkin cake.”

    Sweet. Good thing, since I guess “chronic masturbation” is not a viable option, even in jest, at age 80.

  4. Pumpkin cake? Are you going to share the recipe or what?!?

    I’m no food blogger, blogger. However, since I am feeling charitable, I adapted this slightly, with a little less pumpkin and a little more oil for moistness.

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