Ranting and Raving

Don’t get me wrong. It has nothing to do with Christian Slater.

This is tremendous.

Longtime Yeah, so I’m… readers know that, as an avid fan of 24, I have not exactly been quiet about my dislike of Kim Raver’s sniveling, annoying, wet blanket of a character, also known as Audrey Raines. I’ve cursed her (both actress and character) existence on the show, and delighted in the supposed death of the character, which turned out to be fool’s gold. When Lipstick Jungle promos began to show, I wrote this:

I’ll ease off when they conduct an Audrey Raines CSI-style autopsy on 24, indicating that we’ll never see her face again on the show. Until then, Audrey Raines still lives on, though now Raver has taken her terrible acting to NBC. I thought the one positive that came out of 24 being 86ed for the season due to the writers’ strike would be that there was a 0% chance of seeing Raver on my television. Sadly I was wrong.

But now I feel a little better. With the 2-hour 24 special airing on my birthday (awesome), there is a slight flashback of a chance that Audrey will appear. Here’s hoping that isn’t the case.

Ranting and Raving

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  1. I might have been the only one watching MOWE. It’s rare that I get invested in a show that then gets canceled.

  2. She sucks on Lipstick, too. Not that I watch or anything.

  3. Huh. I didn’t even know My Own Worst Enemy went to air – I thought it was still in the promo phase.

  4. I watched MOWE but from the pilot I knew it was going to get canceled so I really didn’t spend too much time watching it. I knew after the ratings weren’t exactly what they want and that it was offered free on iTunes the week before and it was registering in the top 10 downloads…I knew it was toast. It was good while it lasted. They just don’t give shows enough time anymore.

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