A little more upbeat

Things aren’t all emotional and shit around here. There’s more.
Okay, I haven’t finished watching it yet. I was at dinner while the DVR was working. I got about an hour into it yesterday before leaving for the hospital. It’s good to see Jack hasn’t lost his ability to kill people or resist torture. This will [...]


My family convened for dinner at Brasserie Beck on Sunday night. It was a time of celebration, gift opening, and champagne. It was just a tad different the next day.
I left my place yesterday at about 10am to go to the hospital. I would not return for 12 hours. Upon my arrival I met my [...]


28 is not the most significant age. It is not 20 or 30. It’s not 18 or 21. It’s not 25 or 35. What is significant, however, is the love of family and friends, which is felt on this day more than any other.

All I’ll say about this… for now

I find it ironic that the people who have taken a negative stance toward recent events have now lost their voice via the cutting off of comments, yet the individual claiming that her negativity is justified still has a voice.

TMI Thursday: Literary Classic Reprised

Inspired by an instant message exchange with the delightfully depraved E, I’m using TMI Thursday as an excuse to tell the following story. Longtime readers have seen bits and pieces of this story over the years, but there are some parts that I’ve left out for one reason or another. This is the essential. This [...]


As some of you know, my birthday is approaching. Truth be told, it’s this Sunday. For the immediate time being, I’m focused on the pending debauchery of the weekend, but that’s going to be short lived.
The day after my birthday, my mother goes in for surgery to remove cancerous breast tissue. The operation will probably [...]

My incredibly productive Saturday

And by “incredibly productive”, I mean not really productive at all. What I did:
- Purchased copious amounts of booze
- Got IDed at ABC store, causing an older gentleman buying booze the next register over to jokingly ask why he didn’t get IDed
- Bought the necessary ingredients and kitchenware to make pumpkin cake for Refugees’ Thanksgiving
- [...]

Ranting and Raving

Don’t get me wrong. It has nothing to do with Christian Slater.
This is tremendous.
Longtime Yeah, so I’m… readers know that, as an avid fan of 24, I have not exactly been quiet about my dislike of Kim Raver’s sniveling, annoying, wet blanket of a character, also known as Audrey Raines. I’ve cursed her (both actress [...]

Scratching and clawing

I should’ve known something bad was going to happen. From the moment I entered the place, the cat meowed constantly and loudly at me. Everywhere I went, it followed, slinking under chairs and behind sofas, watching, meowing, hissing. I was keeping my eye on it, or so I thought. The cat had disappeared from my [...]


I’m not the sort of person that needs to talk a lot of things out. When I say things, I mean moments that bring about a lot of emotion. I prefer to usually talk those things out with myself, to deal with them internally. When I get told that someone’s there for me if I [...]